Thursday, June 20, 2013

TPP: BN’s Ultimate Challenge After The 13th General Election.

The 13th General Election has already passed and the BN government has already started to work for the people of Malaysia, while the Pakatan Rakyat is still opposing anything and everything that the government is proposing.

Malaysians are fed up with the endless political rhetoric and would like to see Malaysia continue to forge ahead. Thus, the people of this country are taking the ‘wait and see approach’ for the government and no longer taking any interest to the tantrums of the opposition.
The issue that is currently in the spotlight is the nation’s direction after being “slapped” with the Chinese Tsunami and issues regarding the economy of the nation. We are not shocked if the people are much more advance from the government because in this day and age, everything can be accessed on the tip of our fingers. Nothing is truly secret today, and the only thing that is still a secret is the stuff that is in our own heads.
We found out that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is being closely studied by the people while the government is trying to deal with it. Basically the people want to know the good and the bad of this particular agreement. They have obtained the information and have already made a conclusion on the particular matter.
Malaysians are waiting for an official statement from the government regarding the TPP.
One of the examples on the details of the TPP, if Malaysia does not rectify the agreement, the tax on our product will be higher if it is imported by countries who had agreed on the TPP. However, if we join in, we have to bear the cost of medicine higher than what we usually pay. There will be 60% to 80% than what we are paying now.
Higher import tax means it will have an effect in the county’s economy, while highly priced medicine will affect everyone. The most affected party in this particular agreement is the poor; it will also affect the middle class. BN have to remember that the poor and the middle class Malaysian was the one who supported BN in the 13th general election.
Even with higher import tax, it will also affect the masses as no particular economic groups are targeted. Medicine will be expensive and it will cause more hardship to the people.
Without proper information, in the eyes of the people of Malaysia, there is only one choice which is to forget about the TPP, and to carry on their lives with what has been given by the government.
TPP is the first test for BN to face after winning the 13th general election. It has to be given proper attention so that the government will not do anything that is not beneficial for the people. Proper information sharing and affective communication have to be made by the government. If it is really beneficial to the people of Malaysia, the government should not hesitate to openly present the TPP to the people of this country.
The BN government should have learned their previous mistakes; we the people of Malaysia are not dumb. The people of Malaysia are not mushrooms; you just cannot keep them in the dark and feed them rubbish.

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