Friday, June 7, 2013

Now Is A Good Time To Abolish Vernacular School

The past PRU-13 shows that the Malaysian people are confused with their identity. This crisis of identity is becoming too critical. The Malays are ashamed of calling themselves Malay. The Chinese are fighting for the supremacy of their race.  Everyone is talking about the Malaysian race; however, for the non-Malays they are not too keen to uphold the sanctity of the national language. They refuse to accept the constitution and they openly criticize the history of the nation. Many of them frequently organize attacks towards the structure and the foundation of the nation. Now it is clear to us that most of the non-Malays are not interested in national unity.

Frankly, Malaysia itself is lost in the fight for unity through the variety of cultures and ideologies. It is the right time for us to do some damage control to ensure that in GE-14 our nation would not reduce to ashes. From now on, everyone must try to find a way to walk together and rebrand themselves on the idea of “One Bangsa Malaysia”.

We have to understand why today the Malay refused to be proud of their race and the Chinese has become too arrogant and trying to uplift the ideology of Chinese supremacy.  We have to find a solution on the problems that all of us have to face, for the sake of the nation.

Malaysia will not be able to move forward without identifying the problems and solution of this particular mess. If we hesitate to take the steps to muster the national spirit, then the nation is doomed. We must always stand united to ensure that every one of us has the same idea and share the same aspiration for a better nation.

What we already understood is that, Malays who are ashamed of being called Malay are those who lived in urban areas that still consider the westerners are much better rather than their own race. They thought that they are the next generation of modern Malays which are smarter and more liberal. However, their mind-set is as if they are living in the colonial days and acts as a servant to their white British masters. Just because they can speak better English than some of us do not mean that they are better than us.  Language proficiency has never been the bench mark for person intelligence.

However, only a few Malays act like this and they are not a threat to the survival of the Malay race. What is more important now is to curb the Chinese from being too chauvinistic and stops them from challenging the foundation of this country. Dong Zong’s refusal to acknowledge one of the Chinese representatives in the Malaysian government just because that particular person cannot speak Mandarin can be put as a bench mark to understand the condition of the Malaysian Chinese identity crisis.

The Chinese thought that the word “diversity” would gave them the ultimate freedom to become racist and chauvinistic group of people in Malaysia.  Because of that, they refuse to unite with the Malays and they tend to seclude themselves in their own group.
One thing that can’t be denied is that the most important factor that contributes in the seclusion of the Chinese people is the education they received in their Vernacular Schools.
The government tolerated with the Chinese to establish vernacular schools because the Chinese at that particular time was strong supporters of the government. There was no threat made by the Chinese back then.

Now, we know that the Chinese did not support the current government in the last PRU-13. And later we found out that almost 100% of them voted for the opposition. They automatically eliminate all excuses for further government to tolerate the existence of vernacular schools. Evermore, when the product of these schools are openly showing their hatred towards the Malaysian government and arrogantly insulting Malay Kings.

The time for the government to be tolerant on the issue of Chinese Vernacular Schools has long since expired. The initial agreements are for the Chinese to be able to open their schools so that their children would assimilate easily when they return to China. The truth is, they had never considered Malaysia as their country and they do not intend to reside in this country forever.
However, during World War II, they failed to go back to their homeland because China was attacked by the Japanese. After the end of the war, the Chinese refused to go back, maybe because they have already enjoyed the wealth of this country.

It is clear that Chinese Vernacular School has exceeded its objective and must be abolish today. Furthermore these schools have become the breeding ground of racist Chinese. The Chinese are lost in the idea of extreme Chinese supremacy to the extent that it has become a threat to the country. Chinese Vernacular School does not bring any good to this country or its people.

            Comments taken from many social websites suggested that not all Chinese supports Vernacular Schools. Many of them understand that Vernacular Schools are irrelevant. We are sure that if the government is firm in its stands to eradicate vernacular schools, it would automatically increase the level of respect of the Chinese people to the government.

            Today is the perfect day for the government to address the issue of Vernacular Schools in order to regain not only national unity, but also the respect from the Chinese community. We are sure, that if the government are able to regain accurate information, then maybe all of us will be shocked by the support that will be shown by the Chinese community.

This is the only way for us to unite the people of this country. In the near future all of us should understand our roles in making Malaysia a better nation. And when that day comes, all of us will be able to walk together hand in hand towards a better future for the country with one identity.  All of us have to work hard, as we all know; we only have five years to complete this mission.


Anonymous said...

they are in constant touch with singapore, so they still have the malaysian malaysia agenda kept alive

they made the mistake in pru13 thinking that anwar can manipulate tne Malays and con them like lky in his black songkok

thanks to bloggers like yourself we have an avenue to know the truth

thanks ALL bloggers

Anonymous said...

Enouagh of taking, forum or what not, the time to act is now!