Friday, June 21, 2013

Black out 505: Anwar is fooling his supporters.

As expected, Anwar will not boycott the parliamentary seating even though he said he would. The shameless Anwar Ibrahim took the oath and attended the seating after his series of Blackout 505 rallies failed to topple the government.
Anwar suggested that the Pakatan Rakyat should boycott the parliament because he thought DAP and PAS will follow him. However, his calculation was wrong as both of the party refuse to take the risk of losing its voice in the parliament. Thus, Anwar have to follow his allies as he is afraid of losing his position as the opposition leader.
We know that the DAP and PAS has already attended the parliament meeting in the absence of Anwar Ibrahim. The Pakatan Rakyat is thinking of appointing a new leader for the opposition. In a lot of ways, Anwar has become a liability to the coalition. Anwar has lost his focus and the Pakatan Rakyat is confused.
Other than that, Anwar seems to have lost his senses; he has lost all hope in becoming the Prime Minister. In a half conscious state, Anwar decided that he needs to attend the parliament proceeding only because of his title as the opposition leader.
Before the general election, western reporters stated that Anwar Ibrahim is only an entertainer in Malaysian politics. Long before that, he was labelled as a chameleon by western magazine.
Recently, when answering the issue of the Najib-Anwar meeting in Jakarta that never happened, a writer from Indonesia quoted Jusuf Kalla on his view of Anwar Ibrahim. The Vice President of Indonesia stated that Anwar lives in an imaginary world where he still considers himself the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
We have already detected the signs of delusion in Anwar Ibrahim, and we found out this a year ago. His delusion has become so severe that it enhances his ego and now even to have effect on his judgement.
Anwar Ibrahim that we see today is not the same Anwar we know during his reformation era. Dirty politics is embedded in his heart and soul. Easily said, if Anwar lie to the public, it is not because he is trying to fool the people, he do not have to planned it as he has become a compulsive habitual liar.
It seems like Malaysia has an opposition leader that has lost it soul. It is unsure how the opposition can contribute to the benefit of this country and its people.
Anwar Ibrahim strategy in the parliament has already been known by the people. He do not even care about the problem of the people or building the country, Anwar only knows how to organize demonstration, create riots and opposing the election.
Ironically, he will also take the oath on becoming a certified parliament member and the opposition leader based on the general election result that he opposed.
Our opposition are not helping the country to move forward, as all of their demands are taking the country one step behind. In addition to that, our opposition leader is a madmen.
The sad thing is, the supporters of the opposition are giving their full support and trust to this particular mad man. Supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat are treated like dogs by their leaders. All the demonstration and rallies done by them will come to no affect and their shameless leader will take the oath and become the opposition leader once more.

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