Friday, June 7, 2013

Anwar Is Haunted By Sulu Terrorist

These last few days, the issue of Anwar Ibrahim is a HIV positive has been discussed by many social media. A lot of people were commenting on Anwar’s darkens facial expression and sunken eyes. Before this Anwar was also said to have taken ‘cocktail drugs’ that has been known to supress the effects of HIV and it was made public by many local blogs. The drug that have been said to have cost thousands of ringgit per pill would have to be taken every day to ensure that the body would not be adversely affected by the virus.

However, this particular issue cannot be publicly announced as no one can come up with evidence. This is because, unlike Anwar who like to accuse other people without proof, we Barisan Nasional supporters are more focused on the evidence of any act done. The issue of Anwar Ibrahim is a HIV positive comes to a dead end.
If Anwar Ibrahim is not sick, then why does Anwar Ibrahim look so distraught? Why Anwar Ibrahim does looks older than Tun Dr Mahathir?

It is clear in Anwar’s face that he is not in a clear state of mind. His body seems weak and he seems so distracted sometimes even in interviews. It seems like something is eating him from the inside, until there is no remorse, shame, humility and honesty in him. The only thing that is left inside Anwar Ibrahim is his ambition that can never fade or die. His eyes are sunken without even a glimpse of tranquillity.

Anwar seems to be a perfect example of a dead men walking, tainted, rotting from the inside slowly and painfully.
We know that Anwar is afraid of three things in this world:
i.     appeal in the sodomy case of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan
ii.   The Lahad Datu standoff and his affiliation with the Kiram in Sabah. 
iii. Nallakaruppan’s declaration of Anwar sex scandal that will also involve Shamsidar.

These fears will always be a thorn on Anwar’s side. If it is true, then the Lahad Datu incident is the most feared of them all. As it is not a personal issue, but an international issue affecting two countries.

His treachery toward his country is unbearable that it haunts him daily. Anwar Ibrahim played with the lives of innocent human beings and also the Sulu pirates from the Kiram legion that is famous for their super human abilities the results of dabbling in black magic. If he is really the mastermind of the incident then both sides of the standoff was Anwar’s victim to ensure that his ambition to take over Malaysia by using his connection with the Kiram Sultanate.

However, it is also possible for a degenerate like Anwar Ibrahim to feel nothing with all of the problems weighing on him. It is also possible that Anwar is secretly a sociopath that does not have the ability to feel guilty. Maybe, just maybe, the sunken expression in Anwar eyes is the result of him drowning in his own lies.

Nonetheless, whatever is the cause of Anwar’s depression, a lot of people agree that a good hearted person will never have such a sickening aura and a distraught facial expression.
Then, there is only one answer to the question of Anwar’s facial expression, that he is not a true leader to be followed by anyone.

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Jane Duncan said...

God works in miraculous ways! I pray for peace and harmony. I pray for Malaysia's good and brave leadership. I pray for the well being of all good Muslims!