Thursday, June 13, 2013

The 13th GE Petition: Pakatan Rakyat Will Expose Their Own Fraud!

Pakatan Rakyat today stated that it will file 35 petition regarding 25 electoral seats that was won by them and 10 seats that was won by the Barisan Nasional. The cost of the proceeding is estimated for a whooping RM 1.5 Million.

It seems that, the decision to file these petitions was taken after the 505 Rally did not make a large impact. Lately, the Pakatan Rakyat action was mocked by Malaysian with their fairy tales on phantom voters, black outs and the failed indelible ink.

The Pakatan Rakyat hopes that these petition will enables them to reclaim their long lost honor and will also be used as argument points in their “ceramah’s” and blogs.

It is doubtful that these petitions will be able to muster enough support from the public and gave Pakatan Rakyat the political milage they need. However, even some Pakatan Rakyat members are saying that the petition is a double edge sword that can easily slice PKR if not handle correctly.

When the petition is filed, it will force the authority to investigate in details the election process, including the campaign and network the prior and post-election scenario. With that, we will hope that all of our question will be answered, especially the million dollar question on who gave Pakatan Rakyat their election funds.

Many of us are asking, from where Pakatan Rakyat obtains such a large amount of money to accommodate their grand campaign plan. They have started their campaign right after the 12th General Election and without any financial problems. We are not talking about stuff like posters, pamphlets and political ‘ceramahs’. We are talking about the usage of helicopters, a fully modified bus, private jet, bodyguards and many other things including paying of journalist and foreign lobbyist to show the bad side of Malaysia. Do not forget the expenses incur in the form of flags that is hung all over the nation. And do not forget their propaganda mechanism that works 24 hour, to attack the government and spread lies.

It is interesting to see that not all seats that are contested by the Pakatan Rakyat show the same kind of wealth as the others. Only some seats such as Lembah Pantai, Permatang Pauh, Gombak, Ampang, Bandar Tun Razak, Gelang Patah, Alor Seta, Bagan dan Kota Bharu. Other seats are only given some financial assistance that they need for their campaign.

We hope that the petition can answer some question about from where do all the “extra” Chinese voters come from, especially in big cities where won by an extremely large amount of majority DAP. We want to know, if there exist phantom voter among the Chinese.

We also need to know about the action of Pakatan Rakyat’s agents in doing their job during the election. Why don’t they act if they found out there are fraudulent misconduct during the election period? Or are they the one who are lying to us all these time?

Other than that, we wish to know how the Pakatan Rakyat attacked a voter that has lived all in Taman Cempaka for more than 30 years and accused them as phantom voters. Or how the post in Astro AEC host, Gan Jiang Han, on the “black outs” in Bentong received 73, 576 “like” in a matter of seconds. We also need to know, how state legislative assemblymen for Ketari Lee Chin Chen DAP, DAP Bilut, Chow Yu Hui denied that there was any electrical problems or ‘black outs’ in Bentong during the election process and during the counting of votes. Who is the liar? Two DAP assemblymen or Gan ?

We also need to see the proof of the 40,000 phantom voters from Bangladesh as accused by Anwar in his politically motivated public rallies even before the general election. Where are all of these Bangladeshi? Where did they vote?

What we do not know is that the petition that will be filed must not only be about the indelible ink, because it has been affirmed as a weakness, but not fraud. The petition needs to uphold Pakatan Rakyat’s accusation on two things, which is the phantom voters and also the electric disturbance.

Without two of this issues that has become the basis of the petition, Pakatan Rakyat, has proven to Malaysian and all their supporters that they are just a bunch of liars.

Do not forget that this petition cost the people of Malaysia, RM 1.5 million.
Thus, the people of Malaysia do not want to see a petty case about one or two isolated cases that does not carry any significance in the results for one or two seats. It has to have a big impact on the overall 13th general election results.

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