Friday, June 14, 2013

Not Even One Pakatan Rakyat’s Petition Mentioned Election Fraud:

Right after Barisan Nasional was announced by the Election Commission as the winning party for the last PRU13, the opposition are organizing a massive movement to deny the win that with all kinds of allegation. They told the people of Malaysia that the EC and BN conspired to win the election by fraudulent measures. Among the act accused by the Pakatan Rakyat is the cooperation between the government and the EC, phantom voters, blackout etc.

Similar to the communist propaganda unit, the Pakatan Rakyat spread the accusation and uses the famous repeated exposure technique, to ensure Malaysians from all walks of life would believe their lies. Yesterday was the last day to send petition to the Election Commission. The Pakatan Rakyat filed 34 election petitions. What strange is, none of these petition state anything about fraudulent misconduct of Barisan Nasional during the election. From what we know, none of the petition says anything about phantom voters, blackout and such. It was informed that, majority of the petition states issues such as the usage of indelible ink, corruption and buying votes.

At the same time, the opposition are organizing rallies and campaigning that the Barisan Nasional cheated in the last election, with 40,000 Bangladeshi were brought in by using hundreds of plane from Sabah and Sarawak to vote for Barisan Nasional for the past PRU. They have also emphasized that blackouts occur in Bentong and other places in many voting districts so that some parties were able to add more ballot box. Some even say that these ballot boxes were thrown out from helicopters.
Many of these rallies used “Blackout” as themes that is held nationwide, and the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat wearing black as a sign saying that the blackout happened and the current government cheated in the last election.

We believe that these accusations are baseless as if there is any truth to their words, why all the allegation are not stated in any of the petitioned filed to the EC? Even the sensationalized phantom voters are not stated in any of the petitioned.

It seems like the Pakatan Rakyat do not have the guts to bring their accusation to the court of law. The lies are carefully crafted only to influence the people to hate the existing government. No proof has been brought either to the court or to the media about their accusation.

The opposition of Malaysia consist of leaders who are masters of deceit and lies.  They will continue to preach to the public that the current Malaysian government is some sort of monster. And they are saying to the people that only they can slay this monster. However, they are the real monsters. Terrorising and deceiving the Malaysian people into making them the leaders of this country.

May God protect us from the lies of the devil and grant us the right path so all of us will not go astray.

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