Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Janice Lee: The DAP are run by THUGS?

Janice Lee openly criticize the DAP by repeating what she wrote on her Facebook page. Janice Lee wrote:
“When an organization does not follow anymore rules & regulations, it is a gangster group, how can a gangster group rule the society? You cannot expect everyone to agree with you in an organization. Yet, it is not the right way to sabotage other’s effort just because he/she doesn’t agree with you. Please read the constitution to ensure fair & just game. Isn’t it what we are campaigning in the past 40 years?”
Janice Lee status were supported by her friend on Facebook who agreed that the DAP is acting like thugs.
The crisis between Janice Lee, who were the State Legislative Seat holder for Teratai are getting worst ever since the 13th General Election.
A few days ago, Janice came to the DAP annual general meeting in Pandan without any invitation. She brought 11 more DAP members who were sacked from DAP. They were prevented to enter a seafood restaurant where the meeting was held.
However, at least 500 people who were there cheered Janice and booed DAP Selangor Chairperson, YB Teresa Kok and DAP Publicity Director, Tony Pua. The crowd also booed Kampung Tunku assemblymen YB Lau Weng San and the new teratai state assemblymen Tiew Wey Keng.
Janice were sacked by the DAP in a dispute that saw a whole lot of accusation regarding a certain monetary fund being thrown at her. Janice was avoiding the accusation and challenge the DAP to prove it. However, DAP doesn’t even flinched at Janice’s challenge and that made the people hate the DAP even more.
Previously, Janice was known as a strong critic of the DAP administration, particularly in the matter of unprofessionalism and the party tendency to give a one sided judgement on any issue.
As a spectator, we should praise Janice for having the strong will to prove her innocent and also her courage to criticize the party that has become a symbol of Chinese supremacy in Malaysia.
Everything that is happening to Janice raised question as she is still hoping to stay with DAP. Janice is currently challenging her untimely discharge from the party. She said that it is illegal and she has all the rights to come to the meeting.
We do not understand why Janice is trying to fight for her membership in a party that is ruled by thugs and corrupted to the bone.
It seems that Janice is willing to leave the country at the hands of all of these thugs rather than giving it to the Barisan Nasional that is more just and considerate. The question is why Janice? Why?
Are they willing to be govern by thugs and gangsters as long as they are Chinese?

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