Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PM meeting Anwar Ibrahin in Jakarta: Opposition’s portal continues to lie.‏

The people of Malaysia had just digested the result of the 13th general election when suddenly there were rumours that the Prime Minister Najib Razak was secretly meeting Anwar Ibrahim in Jakarta. The news was spread by the Malaysian Insider; a pro-opposition portal went viral in other social media websites.

It was alleged that the meeting was to arrange a win-win situation for BN and PR in the next 14th general election. The portal stated that the meeting was an effort made by Najib Razak so that in the next general election, BN would not suffer the same fate, or worst ending up losing the country.

Even though the general election has ended with the defeat of the Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition is still using the same strategy which is lying and cheating to gain the people’s support. The opposition clearly understands that their strategy was the main reason why the opposition lost.

Some people might say that the bigger the lie, the easier for others to believe it. However, one must remember, that once the people know that they are lying, Malaysian will never believe them even if they speak the truth.

We appreciate that the government fast action to address the lies made by the Malaysian Insider. Najib Razak himself steps forward in making a statement to state the truth about this particular matter.

According to the Prime Minister, he did not have any plans of meeting the De Facto Leader of the People’s Justice Party. In fact, Anwar was in Jakarta at the same time Najib was there. There were no meetings what so ever.

In addition to that, Anwar himself denied the allegation by the Malaysian Insider in his twitter portal.
This shows that pro-opposition portal publish too many false stories and that had made them habitual liars. They are ever quick to jump into an issue without noting the real facts or identifying their sources. This whole episode should be a grim remainder to all Malaysian’s so that they will not succumb to the lies of the opposition in the future.

In the same time, the government has to take appropriate action so that every lies that is spread by the opposition, must be dealt seriously. We should not allow half-truth stories spread because it can create a perception that the stories are true.

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