Thursday, June 13, 2013

All eyes on Bakri’s MP.

Many parties in the Pakatan Rakyat are urging the DAP to take stern action against Bakri MP, Er Teck Hwa because of his stupidity for attending the Parliamentary briefing in the Parliament building yesterday.

Teck Hwa stated that he did not read the e-mail and sms that was sent to him by the Pakatan Rakyat central community. Even if Teck Hwa is confused, he could have taken the liberty to call other Pakatan Rakyat parliamentary members before making the decision to attend the said briefing.

Even if the DAP have announced that they will take stern action, the Pakatan Rakyat seen the party as acting too slow to punish a MP. Up till now, the disciplinary committee is not taking any action against Teck Hwa.

We are informed that Teck Hwa is not actually the brightest of the DAP bunch. He is an idiot to say the least. He was elected in 2008 and now it is his second term as an MP. It is understood that Teck Hwa was elected again because the DAP did not want the only Johor MP won in 2008 is dropped in this election.

Teck Hwa is currently the black sheep of the DAP as he unintentionally destroy the reputation of DAP without him knowing it. It has been stated that the Pakatan Rakyat boycotted the briefing, but he insist of attending it, thus marred the image of the other 88 parliamentary members of Pakatan Rakyat.

Recently the Pakatan Rakyat has already resolve the issue with all of its component party members to boycott the briefing. And then came Teck Hwa ruining the accomplishment that they had just achieved by attending the briefing that was held for newly elected parliamentary members. The briefing was not for a second term MP like Teck Hwa.

It is crucial for Teck Hwa to be sacked from the DAP and left out to be an independent member of Pakatan Rakyat. With that, the DAP might remedy the ridiculous action taken by Teck Hwa. DAP would also uphold its integrity as a strict party that will not be corrupted neither by power nor stupidity. The DAP would retain its credibility if stern action is taken to an elected member of the parliament.

If DAP fails to address the Teck Hwa issue fast, it will put the DAP image in a bad light. DAP is no longer a strict and credible party, especially when there are too keen to keep their parliamentary seat. Currently the DAP is the highest seat holder among its Pakatan Rakyat counterparts.

Teck Hwa dismissal from the party will not have an effect on Pakatan Rakyat seat in the parliament. Although Teck Hwa is not a member of DAP he will always be a Pakatan Rakyat friendly MP. The DAP would not have to worry about Teck Hwa, and should impose strict punishment for his action.

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