Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Anwar Ibrahim has taken the oath as a ‘responsible Member of Parliament’ and he is therefore bound the country’s law and Constitution, to respect the result of the 13th general election and to respect Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak as the Prime Minister.

In other words and simply put – Anwar accepted the process of the general election and the result – thus no more rally or protest of whatsoever.

The morning he took the oath before the King, Anwar was aware that some 100 youngsters who were outside the Parliament house ‘battling’ the police to enter to stop the swearing-in ceremony.

He did not even have the courtesy to tell those youngsters who are his followers, loyal to his instructions, to disperse and and go home and let the swearing-in goes peaceful.

But no, he just let them suffer while he took his oath and then had tea and laugh his heart out while his ‘boys’ got arrested and detained for few days.

But as we all know, that is Anwar Ibrahim – a rebel rouser who makes use of people and then dump them to survive of their own.

He does not care about the welfare of his people nor he cares about the welfare of his friends because he only cares about himself, his family and his objectives.

Just two days before the swearing-in, Anwar had planned to disrupt the occasion as he had wanted to boycott it but when his partners in DAP and PAS opposed the suggestion, he went along, citing the press misquoted him.

It was the briefing on the parliament proceedings that he planned to boycott, his answered unshamely when asked by the press.

But the records are there for everyone to see, not just in the mainstream media but also his media – the opposition print and electronic media.

He expected few hundred-thousand people would participate in the Black 505 grand finale rally on Saturday, two days before the swearing-in but he failed which means his influence is reducing.

Then Monday, he has no choice but to take the oath and admit that Najib is the Prime Minister.
But will he stop rallying and protesting outside the Dewan Rakyat now that he has the legal platform to voice out his disagreement and dissatisfaction?

Many says he will not but if he does, if he continues with his rally, that simply means he is the hypocrite of the highest level, the highest degree, a man that cannot be trusted with any oath or promises.

But the people obviously know and that was why not many went to the supposedly final rally at Padang Merbok on Saturday, they know Anwar just want to use them for his own selfish goal, not the people’s goal.

Anwar, now without shame and pride, sits alongside other MPs, facing Najib and other Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders whom he had smeared and accused of many things during the campaign and before the campaign period in the run-up to the 13th general election.

He unshamely admits, in silence of course, to the people that followed him all through the ‘battle purportedly for fair and clean election’ that Najib has actually won and thus should be respected as the Prime Minister.

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