Monday, June 24, 2013

Haze: Maybe Next Time They’ll Topple The Government.

Day before yesterday’s Black505 Rally was a tragedy for Anwar Ibrahim because only 1% from the 1 million targets attended the rally.
However, they have already ordered their minions to set up camp in Padang Merbok. It is fortunate that many of their minions are dumb youngsters who are willing to sacrifice their health just so that they can eat free food without have to work or study in a week or two. We also heard that some of them are complaining that there are no toilet facilities. We hope that they would not use the field as their own public toilets as the field will be filled with protestor’s faeces.
Anwar Ibrahim uses the haze as the main contributor for the poor attendance of the rally. Typical of Anwar to blame it on other people or things, it is a miracle why he did not say that the haze was UMNO’s political ploy like he always does.
Because of that, some of the protesters hoped that Anwar would ‘pause’ this revolution and continue after the haze has fade out. Anwar also said that Nurul Izzah had asked those who bring smalls children to go back to avoid any health issues because of the haze.
Many of Anwar supporters do not understand the importance the Black505 for Anwar. Parliament will start convene today so if the rally is changed to another date, then the impact is no more. Plus, Anwar must be ashamed to take the oath as the opposition leader, and then this rally is the only way to divert the issue and save Anwar’s pride as a politician.
If Anwar Ibrahim wants to believe that the poor attendance is because of the haze, then so be it. But then again, his excuses are only to assure himself that he is still relevant in the Malaysian political scene. The fact of the matter is, the rally is an embarrassment for Anwar’s long and turbulence political career.
We know that Anwar will not, admit that he wants to topple the government with a rebellion, because Anwar Ibrahim is a hypocrite leader and a COWARD! Because of that, he will always hide in the shadows of a democracy activist even though he is clearly anarchist.
Thus, he should not be shocked if his supporters are not willing to face the haze just so that he could become the PM. If the leaders are cowards the supporters too will become cowards.
That means, if Anwar wants his supporters to be fearless, then he himself should be fearless and tell people the truth that he is actually an anarchist.
It is interesting that the Black505 not only have poor attendees but also poor media coverage, this includes the pro-opposition media. All in all, those who upload news about this rally in their social websites are pro-government supporters that use the news as a weekend entertainment. Meanwhile, in PR social network, pro-opposition media did not even made a full coverage of the rally.
This is because, The Red Bean Army has already run away, or maybe because of PR it is tired and feel used as they believe in the lies of Anwar Ibrahim.
Whatever it is, for those who are still with high spirits and excited to riot and bath in the bloods of government servant that was involved in the rally, their jihad had to be postponed.
For that, Anwar Ibrahim must persuade them, and they have to put their jihad to topple the government on hold. If they died because of the haze, maybe in their thought they would not be considered as a syahid.

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