Friday, August 22, 2008

Say sorry for 'Anwar kacau my wife' remark

Anwar Ibrahim has demanded an apology from Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin for accusing him of making a move on the latter’s wife or face a RM10 million lawsuit.
A copy of the letter of demand dated Aug 20 issued by Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair was obtained by Malaysiakini today.
Hamzah had been quoted in the Kwong Wah Jit Poh newspaper as saying that Anwar had in 1998 tried to take advantage of his wife even though they were best of friends then.
He told the newspaper that Anwar had harrassed (kacau) his wife.
In view of this, the deputy minister told the daily that the people of Permatang Pauh should not vote for the opposition leader.
According to the lawyer, Hamzah's words have "(1) directly and/or indirectly and/or by innuendo, given an impression and the perception that our client is engaged in illicit sexual activities and/or habitually engages in similar activities, (2) is a man of low morals; (3) is a man of no Islamic values and (4) is of bad character."
Hamzah has 48 hours to reply or face legal action.
Sensational divorce settlement
Of late, Anwar has filed several legal suits against various politicians including Khairy Jamaludin, the prime minister’s son-in-law, accusing them of making defamatory remarks against him.
Anwar will be contesting in the Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election. A victory will mark his return to Parliament after a 10-year absence.
Hamzah, who is former state agency Felcra chief, was embroiled in a sensational divorce settlement in 2004 where he was ordered by the Perak Syariah Court to pay his ex-wife, Nooraini Abdul Rashid, a whopping RM11.2 million in cash and assets.
The judge also ordered Hamzah to transfer one-third of his 63 million shares to Nooraini or pay her RM10 million.
Nooraini brought the suit after Hamzah divorced her in 1996. Hamzah has since re-married and it was his new wife who was allegedly harrassed by Anwar.

tunku : it's nothing new anwar harassing other people's wife.he is use to take advantage on males and females. remember how he took and might be still taking advantage of his blue eye boy azmin,the tivolli incident with shamsidar(azmin's wife).


youth of today said...

"Anwar is bisexual!?

we always hear rumors of Anwar is actually a womanizer.i dont really know that for sure.just as long as he stays out of my butt than all is fine with me.hahaha."

Anonymous said...

The ‘big secret’ of the Chairman of Felcra, Hamzah Zainuddin, revealed

Who is Hamzah Zainuddin? Before this not many have heard his name. How did he become the Felcra Chairman, a post normally reserved for those who have ‘served the powers that be’, in this case the one-time Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad? What did he do for Mahathir that resulted in him being appointed the Felcra Chairman?

And how come, as a mere Chairman of Felcra, he is worth so much money that the Ipoh Syariah Court saw fit to command him to pay his abandoned (first) wife an amount as high as RM11.206 million, which is supposed to be only a portion of his vast wealth?

Hamzah was one of the conspirators in the plot to smear Anwar Ibrahim and he is the latest in the long list of conspirators to bite the dust. He is certainly rich but he made his money through foul and corrupted means, even by trying to ‘sell’ his wife and, together with Anuar Musa, robbed RM40 million from the fund set up to assist the hardcore poor.

Hamzah made to pay his wife RM11.206 million

On 8 April 2004, the Ipoh Syariah Court ordered Hamzah to pay his ex-wife, Nooraini Abdul Rashid, RM11.20 million within a month as a divorce settlement.

The judge, Hassan Basri, said this represents one-third of Hamzah’s assets that includes 21,064,286 shares shares in three companies, Hexagon Holding Berhad (3,013,957 shares), Evermaster Group Berhad (3,496,901 shares) and Asian Pac Holding Berhad (56,682,000 shares).

As an alternative, Hamzah may instead pay his ex-wife an amount of RM10 million in cash in lieu of the shares. Further to that, Hamzah has to hand over to Nooraini two luxury cars and a house in Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Who is Hamzah Zainuddin?

Hamzah was once the Umno Division Chief for Ipoh Barat. For those who may have forgotten, Hamzah was also the one who testified during Anwar’s trials alleging that Anwar had tried to seduce his new (second) wife. In the hearing, Hamzah produced tape-recorded conversations between his new wife and Anwar as ‘proof’.

Actually, Anwar’s ‘voice’ was that of a famous Chinese Muslim comedian who all Malaysians are very familiar with. This impersonator is in fact quite good and can cleverly mimic the voices of Samy Vellu, Lim Keng Yaik, Mohammad Rahmat, Ling Leong Sik, and many more. He once even had his own TV show where he demonstrated his uncanny skill for mimicking every known Malaysian leader.

So there is actually more to the whole episode than what the court was told. While Hamzah’s second wife’s voice was really hers, Anwar’s voice was substituted with that of this famous Malaysian mimic or impersonator.

Anyway, back to the Hamzah story.

Hamzah had earlier abandoned his first wife, Nooraini, who is a very decent and simple village girl, to marry his new glamorous wife, the one Anwar was supposed to have seduced. Hamzah actually married his new wife as a ‘showpiece’ to further his business interest as he was embarrassed by his first wife and felt she was too simple and not sophisticated enough.

Hamzah then asked this new wife to ‘hound’ Anwar and try to get him, who was then the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, to award his company various government contracts. Hamzah felt confident his glamorous would be able to seduce Anwar.

But Anwar was so fed up with the persistent phone calls from Hamzah’s wife that he eventually instructed his office to block all her calls and not allow any calls to get through. This angered Hamzah who then accused Anwar of ‘chasing his wife’ and of trying to seduce her whereas it was the other way around. Hamzah, in fact, was using his glamorous wife to try to seduce Anwar in the hope Anwar would have an affair with her and ‘reward’ her by awarding government contracts to his company.

But it did not work, much to Hamzah’s exasperation, and he wanted to get even with Anwar. And Hamzah is really very capable of doing this to the extent of allowing others to ‘use’ his wife as long as he can financially benefit from it.

Hamzah’s early life

Hamzah started his career as a government contractor way back in the 1980s, more than 20 years ago, when he headed a company in Ipoh called Justera Sdn Bhd. Justera was a subsidiary of a public company called Construction and Supply House Berhad (CASH) that was headed by Dato Syed Ibrahim, a Daim Zainuddin crony. Daim was then Malaysia’s Finance Minister and CASH was just one of his many front companies.

Justera would participate in many government contracts all over Malaysia but all these contracts failed. Hamzah’s modus operandi would be to get the contract and claim the progress payments. Then, once he received the money from the government, he would abandon the project. The Kedah Religious Department housing project and the Gerik Highway are but just two examples where he made millions by abandoning the contracts.

Eventually, his company got blacklisted and he knew he could no longer get any government contracts. He then changed his modus operandi by tendering for government jobs at a very low price. Then he would approach the other contractors, mostly Chinese, and offered to withdraw from the tender and allow them to win it, for a price of course.

Hamzah soon made millions by just tendering for and withdrawing from the tenders for RM500,000 per contract. At five or six contracts a month, millions poured into his bank account.

And that is why he is worth so much money now that the court saw fit to award his abandoned wife RM11.206 million, which is just a portion of what he is actually worth.

But this is not all. There is still more to the Hamzah Zainuddin story.
Hamzah sold illegal pharmaceutical products to pig and poultry farms

Probably amongst Hamzah’s biggest score was selling illegal pharmaceutical products to pig and poultry farms. And this is how he did it.

Hamzah set up a company called Medik & Kimia 2000 Sdn Bhd. Medik & Kimia then acted as the official and sole importer for Rhone Poulenc, a French company with French government interests. The General Manager of Rhone Poulenc, James Aw, of course had an interest in Medik and Kimia 2000 and was its ‘sleeping partner’.

Medik & Kimia 2000 then imported drugs for the pig and poultry farms from France.

But why did Rhone Poulenc need to appoint Medik and Kimia 2000 as its sole importer? Why was Rhone Poulenc not able to import the products themselves?

Because the drugs had not been approved by the Veterinary Department.

The drugs were imported by air through the Subang Airport and the officials at the Subang Airport were paid handsomely to close their eyes to the illegal drug trafficking. But the Subang Airport officials were not the only ones who had to be paid. Once the drugs reached the pig and poultry farms, there were always the watchful eyes of the Veterinary Department officers to be wary of as they made constant checks to ensure no pig or poultry farms were using unapproved drugs.

To ensure no pig or poultry farms that were customers of Medik and Kimia 2000 ever got raided by the Veterinary Department -- or, even if they did, then they would be warned beforehand so that the drugs could be moved and hidden in safe place -- the top man in the Veterinary Department was paid of.

Millions were made in this manner in the years they were running this illegal drug scam. When the top man in the Veterinary Department eventually retired, Rhone Poulenc and Medik & Kimia 2000 could no longer continue with their scam. So, as a last hurrah, they siphoned out RM1.3 million in cash and closed down Medik and Kimia 2000.

To protect themselves from legal repercussions, James Aw and Hamzah forged a guarantee document to show the French head office that the RM1.3 million ‘lost money’ was guaranteed by two people. They then sued the two ‘guarantors’, who actually have nothing to do with the company, and got them declared bankrupt. James Aw and Hamzah, after making millions all those years selling illegal drugs to the pig and poultry farms, got a golden handshake of a further RM1.3 million, and two unfortunate people were made bankrupts in the process.

Yes, Hamzah is worth a lot of money. He is so wealthy that his ex-wife could be awarded more than RM11 million in a divorce settlement. And this is only a portion of what he is worth. Nooraini said Hamzah is worth more than that but she does not have all the details. That was why it took years before she managed to sue Hamzah. She was trying to track down all his assets first as she knew he had more hidden than what she was aware of.

Today, Hamzah Zainuddin is no longer an unknown. Now all Malaysians know who he is and what he is. And he is nothing more than another low-life conspirator who framed Anwar and who made his wealth by robbing the hardcore poor, bribery, cheating, selling illegal drugs to pig farms, and who unsuccessfully tried to 'sell' his wife to Anwar Ibrahim in exchange for government contracts.

Dr.unknown said...

Its so pity that some of this commentators are youngsters and they got the wrong informations from un-reliable source. They even posted those article unethically. When you quoted an article, you state the source from where.

Eventually these youngsters are paid to do such comments to make bad image towards the government. I'm not saying that I love this government, but in sometime I feel that these kids are being exploited by the PR goons to spread their propagandas.

I know ANWAR very well, and I know his attitude very well. A man with a two languages; and of course a man with low morals. Ahh,I would not be suprise of him if he had harrased Hamzah's wife last time.