Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bersih’s Ambiga: No street march, rally will be held in stadium

KUALA LUMPUR: Bersih 2.0 chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan emerged after an audience with the King Tuesday and said the planned rally on Saturday would be held in a stadium.
There would be no street march, she told reporters.
She said Bersih would hold discussions with the Government about the venue.
On her audience with the King, she said: "We had a most wonderful meeting and are most grateful to the King."
She was accompanied by Bersih steering committee member Zaid Kamaruddin and national laureate Datuk A Samad Said.
The leaders had made a request Monday for an audience with Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin after he made a statement Sunday advising restraint and compromise as street demonstrations would do more harm than good.

tunku : good now you can do in these stadiums : Kedah • Stadium Darul Aman, Alor Setar • Stadium Langkawi, Langkawi Kelantan • Stadium Sultan Mohammed Ke IV, Kota Bharu Pulau Pinang • Stadium Bandaraya, • Stadium Negeri Pulau Pinang Selangor • Stadium Shah Alam, Shah Alam • Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya • Stadium Selayang, Selayang shout and do whatever you want to do in it.


Anonymous said...

DYMM SPB Ynag diPertuan Agong has spoken for Malaysia. No matter how you look at it this matter should have been settled by the Chairman of the Election Commission. If he could not do it then the PM should have done it.

I hope that more people in government na opposition will heed and speak for Malaysia and not just their narrow interests.

Anonymous said...

Elok ler tu kat stadium, siapa yang suka, jemput ler...

Pokoknya tak kacau ketenteraman majoriti lain yang tak suka..

Tahu kah dia ramai dari golongan Rakyat yang masih 'kais pagi makan pagi'? Kalo buat kat jalanan, kacau bilau, entah berapa hari golongan ini tak dapat makan anak beranak.

Lihat betapa sia2nya baju kuning kat Thailand, last2 majoriti tolak juga mereka, memalukan dengan hanya 161 kerusi berbanding 264..

Tak faham bahasa betul siAmbiga ni..


Anonymous said...

anon @ July 5, 2011 6:21 PM

ambiga listed 17 demands and now dropped to just 5

coz some of her demands are not under the purview of EC

ambiga has to listen to the DYMM SPB Yang diPertuan Agong simply because the majority of her marchers are Malays who still respect him

this rally is all about shoring up the ratings of video celebrity omega anwar

Jose said...

I like the Bersih at the Stadium. Now I'm even thinking about supporting it. I hope the government and organizers will try to take advantage of this event by allowing business sectors to open up booth and food stalls. It doesn't have to be an uptight event. People want to support good governance, but if everybody is happy, including traders, thats even better.

Anonymous said...


just be mentally prepared to run and lose your day's earnings