Thursday, November 29, 2012


Another attempts by the oppositions to hoodwink Malaysians that ‘we are being watched and monitored by developed countries’, like we should watch out what we do or else we will ‘face the music’. Just few days ago, Suaram, we all know lah who is being it, held a briefing on the scorpene investigation in Singapore, of course not in any of that country’s official ministry’s premises but a hotel. Initially the French lawyers that they paid to have the case investigated were supposed to hold the briefing in Parliament…wow….a prestigious premise for a country…but unfortunately no permission given. So they moved to Singapore, not any hotel here in KL but Singapore…as spiderman says your friendly neighbour…ha ha ha…and what happened? Only seven people attended…all the seven were the opposition MPs who have been raising the issues since past decade and the brieifing apparently revealed the same things that have been repeated sung by the seven MPs. The French lawyer that gave the briefing offered nothing new and with just seven people present, and the seven were those who went to France for the sole purpose of creating and running down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the country’s administration system. The moral of the story here is that the oppositions are just simply trying to continue harping on the issue so that it lives until the campaign for general election. They feel the issue is dying and thus, it needed to be pushed up again and pad it with new so-called evidence or investigation update. Having it Singapore is a ploy to make it look as though Singapore government is behind them…imagine their make-believe approach…so that Malaysians who support them think the group is right and that is why they can hold briefing in Singapore and the government there did not bar them. Cheats and tricks…trying Hitler’s Goebbel’s approach…lies told thousand times will make people think they are the truth….an old trick which today’s youngsters know in and out. So it is apparent now the oppositions are in desperation….the later the general election is held, the more desperate they are. Now itself, they are fighting each other – PAS and DAP over hudud laws where non-Muslims in Kelantan are now searching for new pasture and PKR Malays are distancing themselves from chauvinistic DAP Chinese as they see Malay PKR leaders being sidelined and played out. And with Umno general assembly being held where they see a renewed and fresh fighting spirit alive, the oppositions are in reality in a very difficult situation, like being surrounded on top of a hill with no supplies and ammo.


Anonymous said...

The Edge Daily highlighted the event. Intentions?

Anonymous said...

Tak erti Bahasa Melayu ke?

Tak hormat Perlembagaan, dah.

Komunis ke?