Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Bersih co-chairman S Ambiga seems to act as though Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak must follow all her wishes and desires. After demanding clean electoral list and fair election and so on through legal means of demonstration but can be considered as ‘uncivilised’ because normal civilized people sit down and discuss rather than demonstrate, now she wanted Najib to debate with Anwar Ibrahim. To her, whatever Najib has done is immaterial but he must debate Anwar as she claimed it would give Malaysians the opportunity to gauge which political coalition was best to govern the nation. Loads of bullshit in her words! It is as though all this while, she has never benefitted from whatever the government under the BN rule…the fact that she is what she is now is evident of BN’s fair policies in distribution of wealth. Her call is followed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and of course, daughter of Anwar who got caught on record for supporting freedom of religion among Malays Nurul Izzah. The fact that Ambiga is able to set up and organize her NGO and walk the streets shouting words running down the government is evident that the BN government is fair and allows freedom of expression. The fact that she is able to hold press conferences without being harassed and visibly monitored by government enforcement is evident that the BN government gives freedom of movement and speech to every citizen. The fact that she supports the opposition and aim to topple the government that feeds her mouth or rather make it possible for her to do what she is doing now without obstacles is evident of the BN government’s freedom of political affiliations. With all these freedoms, Ambiga, of course on instruction from her master Anwar, the ambitious opposition head who has already sold his ‘all’, now giving ‘directive’ that Najib should debate Anwar just like Barrack Obama with Mitt Romey. As far those who knows Ambiga, her motive is nothing more than to shame Najib in the debate, to allow the public to see Najib in awkward position as Anwar, who is not responsible for anything grill Najib on matters or issues that are irrelevant or make believe. Ambiga’s motive is crystal clear despite her reasons, make believe again, that seem intellectual and democratic…of course…all are bullshits. The real motive is the attempt to ‘bare all’ if Najib is to take the challenge to debate – obviously to ‘strip naked’ Najib with issues that do not even matters – always the make-believe issues – raised only for the purpose of creating doubts in the minds of audiences who are voters. Given such background, it is best that Najib just ignore these calls and continue with his programmes that benefit Malaysians at large in every aspect of life.

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this aci buttshake burger should campaign for eradication of her cultural human rights abuse endemic in the indian caste system

pariahs are born untouchables - we know babies are innocent