Friday, December 4, 2009

Transsexual worries for safety after negative reactions to ‘marriage’

LONDON: Malaysian transsexual Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari is afraid to return home due to the negative reactions over her marriage to a Briton.
She has received a lot of negative e-mails and comments from people, some even accusing her of insulting the Malaysian government.
Mohammed Fazdil or Fatine, said she felt frustrated that people did not understand she had come to the United Kingdom because she wanted to be with the man she loved.
She added that she could not do that in Malaysia and people in the country seemed to be taking a religious point of view over the matter.
“I am so frightened to go back. I am worried for my safety,” she said in response to what she claimed was the inaccurate portrayal of their love story by a Malay tabloid which caused the negative reactions.
Speaking up for the first time after The Sun newspaper in London broke the story, Fatine said she did not know what to do as her family had already disowned her.
“I’ve spent hours on the phone asking for forgiveness. I love them but I can’t change what has happened,” said the 36-year-old makeup artist.
Fatine said it was a shame that the article had twisted their story as it was never their intention to insult the Malay community.
“They also put my father’s name in it, which was unnecessary and my mother is now afraid to leave the house,” she added.
Fatine also said that she understood that the Malays were very traditional and that “people like me aren’t acceptable”, but she hoped things would cool down eventually.
Fatine, who married Ian Young in a civil partnership in May, faces deportation back to Malaysia after her Leave to Remain visa was rejected by the Home Office over an "incorrect” photograph.
A second application with a passport photograph with a white background as required, instead of blue, was submitted for reconsideration but it was also thrown out in October.
The pair has just submitted their third application for a Right to Family Life under the Human Rights Act in Britain.
On Monday, Immigration director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman said the department might take action against Fatine when she returned home as it viewed problems like overstaying seriously.
Young, 30, however, maintained that Fatine’s application was still being processed by the UK Border Agency and she should not be classified as an overstayer.
“All we want is to be married, happy and living together.
“The only way we can do this is over here in the UK,” said Young, who runs a property maintenance company.
He said the article also made it sound like they were trying to make a mockery of Muslim laws, which was never their intention.
“As a result of the way we have been portrayed, I now feel that we would be in more danger than ever if we were to try and live in Malaysia,” he added.

tunku : only sick people married with the same sex.if this transsexual(pondan) step foot in Malaysia, the Islamic religion department should take action against him.i can't say against her as the pondan is a man.may be he can ask anwar the melodrama queen's help, he'll be more than glad to help this pondan.i hope that we are not that open minded on this issue, it is very clear as a Muslim it is HARAM,period.


armouris said...

info on transsexual kat sini - Gender Identity Disorder

Tok Kemuning said...

Actually he she is being doing the same thing. The only different this time is got married to officially stamping their doing. As it is illegal in Malaysia so they stamped their marriage in Britain.

Similiar with most of our politicians they have been doing the same thing since Merdeka. They do not realized that with satelite tv and internet there is no more wall to cover their "rasuah" dealing anymore.

Every corrupt practice committed by our politicians actually the Rakyat already know. Do we think that our politicians would pass a law that would strangler their own throat.

I do not think our parlimentarian is that stupid to figure out how to overcome the corruption problem after more that 50 years merdeka.

In China punishment for corruption is death by firing squad. If we could hang the drug dealer so could we also do almost the same to the corruption case.

It is about time for each of our ADUN, MP and Senator be given their own KPI in addition to minister and the Premier Minister.

In addition we should also make all the minister positions, attorney general and chief of police be confirmed by the Perliment. Let give the responsibilities to our MPs whether they are BN or Pakatan, let they take responsibility in confirming these important positions in our government.

MACC should be directly under the Parliment. Let them directly report to Parliment and The Agung.

Creating a new economic status must go hand in hand with our seriousness in creating a transparent government as a catalyst towards the new economic status.

tunku said...

tok kemuning,
in future pls don't divert from the issue of the topic.thanks.

Anonymous said...

...and you call yourself a tunku. If you recognised him as 'sick', maybe psychologically, then empathy should be given. If Allah is all knowing, then why He gave this man a life? Isn't He not contradict Himself? You will be judge by the way you pass judgement.

Use your god given brain for better things and not only to talk bad among His children. Your mulut/thought is being use for Haram activity too.

Anonymous said...

Dia ni Khunsa betul ke atau lelaki tukar jadi wanita? Kalau khunsa buat apa nak takut pulang ke Msia. Kalau lelaki tukar jantina kerana nak menjadi wanita, bukan sahaja agama, malah dah tentunya orang melayu kat Msia ni pun tak leh nak terima perbuatan "Fatine" ni. Dah kahwin secara register satu hal, dah tu hukum hakam agama dipermainkan. Kepada yang dah bertukar jantina bukan kerana Khunsa pandai pulak cakap kos nak buat dokumentasi mahal, tapi masa nak buat operation buang jantina ta pula merungut mahal kerana hati punya suka. Kerajaan perlu mengambil tindakan sewajarnya samada "fatine" ini menjadi permanent resident Britian terus. Kita tidak boleh mengubah kejadian Allah sekiranya doktor mengesahkan beliau ada lelaki "sejati" tetapi sendiri yg mengubah kejadian Allah kepada "wanita". Mungkin Kerajaan Msia boleh mengeluarkan satu surat berserta lampiran dokumen yg mengesahkan pertukaran jantina tanpa mengubah dokumen yg asli...

MUSLIM said...

Anon December 4, 2009 12:14 PM,
i guess you are one of them.
Don't mentioned Allah's name when discussing this sick act.