Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Malaysia IS Zimbabwe, says Zaid

PKR politician Zaid Ibrahim has applauded constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari for speaking out "about the rotten state of the rule of law and democracy" in Malaysia.
In a reply by text-message, he described Abdul Aziz as "a well respected academic and a courageous one".
Zaid, a former Umno strongman who crossed to PKR, expressed hope that many will come forward and be unafraid to speak out for the sake of the country.
"Nothing will change unless those who know rise up to expose the vermin (that are) eating and destroying our national institutions and democratic values," said Zaid (right), once the de facto law minister.

tunku : this country which zaid and aziz bari said is like zimbabwe gave them the best education and position they can have. this country which zaid ibrahim said like zimbabwe made him a billionaire. i wish these type of people are thrown in the deep sea.people like them are the vermin (that are) eating and destroying our national institutions and democratic values just to be popular.


Unknown said...

Wonder how long these two have stayed and experience life in Zimbabwe to make comparison. Not all are rosy over here but we strive to make ourselves better in our own little way. Don't know why these two are making such statement...are their success through the western policy or Malaysian government policy?

eddy said...

Agree with you Tunku. Aziz Bari and Zaid is only two of minority ungrateful Malaysian citizen who had lived and enjoyed the great life in Malaysia. Who are these two clowns, to pass negative judgement on a sovereign country like Zimbabwe which has its own peculiar ways of developing itself.Shameless Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Eh Zaid..oh common man dont downgrade our country that have made your money here ..may I suggest that you go to Zimbabwe and stay there permanently..dont ever come back...
Foreign investors are coming in and staying in this country....but you please leave this country and go and set up your ZICO there

Anonymous said...

Dear Tunku,

I agree with you that we who have access to the internet should be count our blessings and thank the BN government. However,with all due respect I think that you are missing the point. There are many Third World countries in which the elite ruling class is enjoying a much higher atandard of living that the elite in Malaysia.
Yes many have got a good education. But look at the statistics. Out of the 500,000 students who have just completed their Form Five Exams only 100,000 will go into pre-university classes. And out of that about 50,000 will go onto tertiary education.

Compare this with South Koprea where 95% migrate from Grade 10 ( Form Five) to grades 11 and 12( pre-university) and over 75% find places in universities. If you take into acount that in 1960 South Korea had a per capita income of USD400.00 you get an idea of what I am talking about.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Semua okay.... mana ada problem? Our kids interest will be protected by keeping UMNO in power.... No?

Anonymous said...

...muka2 pengkianat bangsa