Monday, December 14, 2009

BTN Course The Pillar Of The Nation's Success

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 14 (Bernama) -- The Biro Tatanegara (BTN) course has helped to maintain peace among people of various races and religions for 35 years, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Ahmad Maslan said on Monday.
He said Malaysia would have been destroyed long ago if the BTN course was racist as claimed by the opposition.
"Millions of people had attended the BTN course since 1974. Malaysia would have been destroyed if not for the BTN course. It made the nation good and successful.
"The BTN course modules apply to all groups and aimed at nurturing pure values and the spirit of unity," he said after presenting a paper titled "Gagasan 1Malaysia" at the 1Malaysia Seminar for the Prime Minister's Department (JPM) staff here.
He said BTN not only organise courses but also other programmes to nurture the spirit of patriotism.
"Those who say that BTN course is racist are afraid of their own shadows," he added.
Ahmad said it was not wrong for BTN to deliver government policies to participants and it was up to them to accept them or not.
He said this when asked whether political elements were included in the BTN course.
"If states ruled by the opposition want to have their own course, they can do so but don't say that BTN is not good.
"I am sure that the Selangor government will deliver its policies during its course," the deputy minister added.

tunku : some idiots don't have anything better to do so they uses petty issue to divert the attention of their weaknesses and some are caught with it and start talking nonsense.ahmad maslan said those who say that BTN course is racist are afraid of their own shadows,one of them is the bloody nazri aziz.the scumbag thinks he knows everything but actually it's all the way see what anwar the moron who think he is not racist has to say about "pendatang" at btn here.judge yourself of the melodrama queen racist remark.


Anonymous said...

apa lim kit siang and the gang nak kata tentang video anwar tu? takkan nak dok diam saja kot? double standard sungguh.

ehsan anwar kaki arak said...

nazri kurang ajar,patut diajar.serupa la dia dgn anwar sama2 kurang ajar.

Anonymous said...

bloody bastard he is! Dzul pekida melaka