Sunday, December 27, 2009

Penang got just 3% of what it had contributed:Lee Kuan Yew frustrated

GEORGE TOWN: Penang has only received RM794mil in federal grants in the last eight years even though it had contributed RM25,670mil in taxes and custom duties.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the numbers were revealed by Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in a written reply in the recently concluded Parliamentary sitting.
“Penang received only a shocking 3% of what it had contributed from 2001 to 2008.
“The state has been left out of the development mainstream too long and that has resulted in a slower rate in the building of public infrastructure compared to other states,” he said in a statement on Saturday.
He added that even Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew had made the observation that Penang was developing slower compared to other towns like Ipoh or Seremban.
“The Penang government will seek a fair deal from the Federal Government to allow all Penangites equal opportunity for success and prosperity regardless of race or background.
“Our efforts in ensuring that everyone has a share in the fruits of economic success has led Penang to become the first state to wipe out hardcore poverty with every family receiving at least RM500 a month,” he said.
He also wished all Penangites a Merry Christmas.

tunku : he expect federal government to give it back all the taxes to the state? what a dumb cm he is? may be he expect everything to go back to penang as he can "sweep" all.did he calculate in all the federal government projects in penang? why should he quote what lee kuan yew had to say?? ooo they are from same party before.lee kuan yew is dap's lee kuan yew is ruling penang through his proxy.he is making sure that his proxy is trying their best to make penang as the second singapore not economically but trying to get penang out from Malaysia like what they did with singapore in the sixties.the penangites should not be fooled by them.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a Federal System of government. It is the incumbent duty of the state to collect revenue and hand it over to the Federal Government. The state unlike the Provinces in Canada do not collect provincial taxes. Hence, in our system the state is dependent on federal allocation for its development. That is what our constitutions says. If we want to change that to a sysyem similar to Canada the we should do so. Until such time the Federal government has a constitutional obligation to provide development funds to the state Lee Kuan Yew or no Lee Kuan Yew. Ramalx

Rhino Rin said...

LGE sutak mabok and high in fantasy land.

He is just sehelai daun di sepohon pokok rimbun.

Dia sudah menyangka dialah perdu dialah batang.

Hannry said...

When you live in Penang and you won the program then at such you will understand why it is fair or unfair.

Think of it like, a father during nurturing a kid spend so much money and when the son grows up and contribute to the old man at maybe 3 percent of the salary. But, when the son got married and have his own children- he has a lot burden and maybe will cut the 3% to his dad to 1%.

Is this fair, it is anybody take. It has to be a creative way and responsible way to distribute wealth.

Lee Kuan Yew or Obama or Putin has their own freedom to comments and this provide a good reflection for us- free of charge. Right or wrong is not the concern- we have to thank people who are willing to provide reflections to us so that we can improve and progress. Caused now, we are not. S'pore is a developed nation in 50 years, we are still claiming hills and yet there are mountain of tasks to achieve. What is wrong to learn from the guy who has achieve it, the guy must have done something right and we are not.

Nanoo said...

Penang has been left without much development for way too long. Not much was done by previous state govt. Hope the glory days during the time of Lim Chong Eu will return to Penang soon.