Thursday, December 10, 2009

NAJIB, we are waiting for your comment on nazri aziz.

To Prime Minister Najib,
We expect to get your comment on nazri's kurang ajar remarks against Tun Mahathir. We believe you were in Thailand and just came back but that is not an excuse as your deputy did comment about it from Japan(still there).Is your silence means you agree with nazri or should we assume you ask him to do it?
We awaits for your answer Mr Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Boody hipocrite Nazri,

Your “bloody computer” you installed in Parliment recently cost RM12,000 per unit. It cost only RM2000 each at Low Yat (not including pc game, adobe or grafikcard lah, unless MP Nazri want to play games during parliment session) .

What do you say Nazri? You kow tim ke? That is “bloody people money maa…

About this BTN thing, its the Govt of the day’s choice maa. You dont agree with Tun M, why u still hang on as minister during his time?

Since you were not “bloody racist” at that time, you should have quit then maa.

Btw, what’s wrong with Tun M defending the Malays, like Lim Kit Siang defending the Chinese and the expired Sam Vellu defending the Indians? Or Pairin Kitingan defending the Kadazans?

Bloody hipocrite Bloody fool

meluat said...

mana menteri2 lain dan pemimpin2 umno lain.semua senyap saja. mahukan mereka menikmati bashing buat kali kedua selepas pak lah?
jgn lupa sejarah, sebab itu org kata sejarah itu penting.
najib, jawablah.

Fed Up said...

najib comment fast.
why when the malays talks about the malay right it is racist?what about chinese talking about chinese, indian talking baout indian,that is not racist?
if like that we better have 1 school only, no chinese/indian etc schools in malaysia as it is racist.only one school and one language,BAHASA is it?
stupid idiots.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Nazri. Come on why on earth is TDM still interfering in Govt matters. Hasn't 22 years been enough? Look at Pak Lah, he does not interfere 1 bit in how the Government is run even though from an economic perspective, he did way better than Dr. Mahathir (pls ask me to prove it, I have all the facts!). Furthemore the last election Dr. Mahathir was in charge resulted in BN losing the oil rich state of Trengganu, the place where Petronas derives a bulk of its domestic revenues. TDM should know that the majority do not want to hear from him. Not seen, not heard, not reviled!
Really thats what a lot of people feel about him. Utter revulsion. This was proven when NTV7 conducted a poll after Slippergate whereby 51% of the respondents agreed with that kurang ajar jibe. Read the signs, many people dislike you intensly Dr. Mahathir, especially amongst the youth, there is where the dislike borders on hate I think. You should tell him that and stop egging him on to fight your wars. Let Mukhriz stand on his own 2 feet. If you want to take on KJ, take him on yourselves, because by bringing in Dr. Mahathir into the picture, you still will lose but you will humilate Dr Mahathir in the process.

Be real men for once.

Sra said...

Salam Tunku,

Setelah mendengar komen daripada Dato' Nazri dan membaca pelbagai laman blog. Saya merasakan ada dua isu yang jelas BTN dan Pati politik yang berpaksikan kaum yang dianggap racist.

Isu racist tdak timbul bila mmperkatakan mengenai BTN. Isu racist timbul disebabkan ketelanjuran Dato Nazri melebelkan Tun M sebagai racist apabila mempertahankan BTN dari dipinda. Inilah masalah Dato' Nazri. He concluded the issue too fast and made unacceptable generalisation that whoever against the idea of ammending BTN is a racist.

BTN has to be viewed from the positive perspective. If you see otherwise then you will agree to what has been said by Tan Sri Khalid as trying to indoctrinised the mind of the people, which is not true at all. I went to BTN and I still critise 'the people' who mend the government policies. It was opened for discussion.

What is important here is to critise on the issues according to our values and culture. Don't have to label people who against our opinion.

Dato' Nazri has gone too far by labelling TUN asracist. As we used to listen to TUN's response it will be very scarstic and you have to read in between the line. Dato' Nazri went ahead by saying Tun also abused the former PM, Tun Abdullah. Everything he did was not right. This is not true either. I think Tun speaks his mind regardless who the PM is. He also admits his mistakes in many occasions such as in choosing the people to lead etc...

So my conclusion is that Tun Mahathir is not the same with Dato' Nazri in many ways. He just cares about the country and if anything that he feels is wrong he would be in the best position to speak his mind. Who else can critise the PM apart from him as the former PM, do you think Dato Nazri would do it. Pleaselah.... He is just a good follower. That's why he didn't dare to complain or be critical during Mahathir time.

On the issue of 'Parti politik yang berpaksikan Kaum' is racist is also not true.

I don't expect Dato' Najib will do anything to Dato' Nazri as we know Dato' Najib's style always play safe in politics even dealing with his wife. He proposed RM 100million for permata project in the recent budget to support his wife project. By right, with her standing as the wife of the PM, she can simply raise he money through private organisation. That's my view. So please don't expect anything surprising from our PM.

Thank you. Wassalam
Srazali Aripin
Brisbane, AUSTRLIA

p/s -maaf campur bahasa malay and english and I am not trying to side anybody. Just my 2 cents of thought.

tunku said...

pak lah has no brain, when he was the pm he was ruling with your boss's brain till the country went haywire.what you expect him to advice or give his taught,he is brainless.
here the issue is BTN, don't divert to something else mr half brainless.

kluangman said...

Wenger J Khairy... bukan paklah diam dan membiosu kerana tidak masuk campur dalam urus tadbir kerajaan sekarang tetapi sebenarnya tak ada wartawan yang berminat nak tanya dia pun... dia tak tau apa apa pun. Takut takut jawapannya kelak lebih memalukan dirinya sendiri.

Akuilah Mahathir itu masih dan 'lebih' relevan untuk negara, bangsa dan ugama jika diberi peluang semula sebagai PM tetapi itu bukanlah hasratnya.

Malaysia masih bernasib baik kerana Mahathir masih hidup hingga ke hari ini untuk menjadi 'saksi dan pengimbang' dalam beberapa perkata, jika tidak...Malaysia sekarang sudah huru hara dengan pertikaian ugama dan bangsa.

Melayu akan hilang pertimbangan jika dirasakan sudah tidak ada pemimpin Melayu yang boleh 'diharapkan' dan perangai orang Melayui yang hodoh ialah mengamuk tanpa senjata - makan diri.

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy said...

"Agree with Nazri" you agree too when your hero bought parliment computers for RM12,000 x 222 units? This is worst than a racist or a daylight robber.

"Come on why on earth is TDM still interfering in Govt matters. Hasn't 22 years been enough?"

.....Tun M critises not interfere maa. If he interfere (masuk campur) than he would have asked Najib to sack scumbags like KJ and Nazri long time ago. Afterall, he was a "racist dictator" like you put it, not like the "maksum Nik Aziz" you enyy. Oh, was it Ariffahmi the SIL of Mahathir, and Mukhriz the SIL of Nik Aziz at PMBK CEO now?

"Look at Pak Lah, he does not interfere 1 bit in how the Government is run even though from an economic perspective, he did way better than Dr. Mahathir (pls ask me to prove it, I have all the facts!)"

.....kahkahkah, Pak Lah didnt interfere, i totally agree, coz he know nothing about economy. But pak Lah is smarter than Tun M i agree too, coz he lets SIL KJ interfere in everything, not to mention his sons Kamaluddin, ex-MB terengganu Patrick Lim, daughter, sisters....this Pak lah sure was smarter than Tun M....kahkahkah

"you have all the facts"???? too bad I only had one fact

- Pak Lah was kicked out by everyone merely 5 years after in power, whilst Tun M voluntarily resigned after 22 years! What a "bloody stupid dictator Tun M" compare with the "bloody briliant Pak Lah!

Btw, one question for you, why didnt Khalid Ibrahim appoint Pak Lah instead of Anwar Ibrahim as Selangor Financial Adviser? What a waste.

Malaysians surely must be stupid people, save for people like Assene Wenger, Khalid Ibrahim...

Kepala Lutut

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy said people listen to Pak Lah more than to Tun M, and Pak Lah run the economy way better than Tun M. His fact, BN lost Terengganu during Tun M???

Oh, BN did not lose anything during Pak Lah, except oh except oh except Penang (Pak Lah's home state), Kedah (Mukhriz won in PAS stronghold Jerlun), Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur.

Oh, people listen more to Pak Lah, except Kepala Batas people where Pak lah's vote dropped from 18,000 to 11,000 (as incumbent PM).....

How else can I explain this fact to kepala lutut people like Assene Wenger? Even Fibregas admitted that Arsenal players were short compared with the likes of Drogba...and he used facts

Anonymous said...

Someone said Pak Lah was way better than Tun M in running the economy????

No wonder Pak Lah agreed to his son-in-law KJ genious idea in selling MV Augusta for Euro 1...

Bought for RM400 million, sell for brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy said:

TDM should know that the majority do not want to hear from him. Not seen, not heard, not reviled!
Really thats what a lot of people feel about him.

Oh really, how come Tun M's blog has 26,000,000 hits todate in just over 1 year?

How much hits your idol KJ receive todate?

And Pak Lah berapa hits? ZERO...coz he dont even have a blog to input all his "dreamland brilliant economic ideas"

You sucks...what the fish bro

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy said...
Agree with Nazri.

....your arrogant racial face says it all

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy said. I agree with Nazri. And Pak Lah is the greatest!

KJ would say: I agree I agree Iagree. Now appoint me as a Minister.

bulat said...

Yes bro..that's the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Najib tak berani nak komen sebab Nazri bela hantu Altantuya.

Anonymous said...

only its bcome. Regret when Najib was not like the malay ppl. aspect he is atleased Muhyidin know how to respect the elders and x leaders. But Nazri bloody bastard he is no doubt. Dzul pekida melaka

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy

Pak Lah memang nak komen, tapi tak ada wartawan tanya dia la..apa ko ni bengap sgt..tu pun tak nampak..

Pelik le skrg, org yang bagus pun cakap tak bagus, org yang bodoh plak yang dikatakan bagus

Pls la...bangikit la yop

Nak tunggu bila...esok bila kita tak memerinth baru tau kot...tapi aku harap biar lah ia berlaku sebab masa tu aku dah tak ada...

Biar cucu cicit nazri dan nuar main buntut yang merana

Anonymous said...

Hey Wenger J Khairy

Paklah of the "saya pantang dicabar" fame??

Paklah of the "nak kalah, kalah lah, tak apa apa" famous statement?

Paklah of the series after series of "sleeping beauty/beast photos."

You believe in "real men" huh?, so tell us do you honestly think Paklah, KJ, yourself too, are real man??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Both YAA Tun and YB Nazri are doing the famous dance from Thailand. One partner advances as the other retreats. Then the roles a reversed. This goes on with all kinds of signs that have different menaing to different people. Then suddenly when the people are confused the two dancers embrace and all of us are either happy that they did or sad that one did not defeat the other.Ramalx

nik azazil said...

u got it wrng totally.only anwar ibrahim and pakatan leaders like to do the famous dance, not tun.
worst is anwar while dancing he try to seduce man.