Thursday, December 3, 2009

"I Will Not Resign", Says Nik Aziz

KOTA BAHARU, Dec 2 (Bernama) -- Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said on Wednesday he would not bow to pressure and resign as the Kelantan menteri besar.
"It is not probable that I should resign just because 200 naughty boys demanded so under a teak tree at the doors of the state administrative building," he said in a statement, referring to the demonstration yesterday by the so-called Jemaah Rakyat Prihatin Kelantan (JRPK) at the building calling for his resignation.
The protestors had also demanded that he withdraw his statement calling on the people of Kelantan to pray for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's downfall if the federal government did not pay oil royalty to the state.
Nik Aziz, who is the PAS Spiritual Leader, said he would neither withdraw that statement nor apologise to Najib as demanded by the group.
"Why must I take heed of the demand by these not even 200 Umno boys to apologise when the Umno president (Najib) himself as the Number One has not asked me to apologise or retract my statement?" he asked.
Najib had said he would not ask Nik Aziz to apologise but added that he could not understand why such a statement had to be made because the federal government had helped the Kelantan government by providing a compassionate fund and allocation of more than RM7 billion under the Ninth Malaysia Plan despite the state being administered by PAS.
The prime minister had also said that Nik Aziz should realise that Muslims regarded the intention to pray for the downfall of others as something extreme and not reflective of the spirit of Islam.

tunku : everyone knows that nik aziz won't resign just because 200 people demanded him to is good to know that he won't resign.the longer he stays the better for BN and the worst for pas. on the other ground, hadi awang had regain control in pas when he had nailed down nik aziz down to earth recently which made nik aziz to instruct his son in-law to resign as the ceo of pmbk.the recent exposes of the "tok guru" misdeeds shows that hadi is on the attack mode.nik aziz has shut his mouth on hadi and nasha.keep it up pas members can see the true colours of their 'tok guru'.


Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz survives on his fanatic supporters.
Let's pray and wait for him to expire.

Anonymous said...

Is it nice to see the downfall among muslim? Then we say the enemy is the kafir. Are we sure it's the Indian and the chinese and etc who is the common enemy?

Anonymous said...

That's why we muslims are in downfall. Allah in Quran says that we must console our brothers who are fighting among each other. Hell isn't a nice place to be in.

I am waiting and praying to Allah for a savior in our country who can unite us muslim. Then we can take back this country of ours from the infiltration of non-muslim. Let them be just dhimmis..

Anonymous said...

He truly seems like a changed man. He is commanding less respect from sensible people.

To curse and call others names, is bad enough, to pray for someone's downfall is worse.

Especially if that person is a responsible Prime Minister.