Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bloody Nazri (barks)saying Tun Mahathir's statement is the stupidest

When prodded for a response at a function this afternoon, Mahathir, who is still an Umno member, said : "I must be a racist if Nazri says I am racist. Don't ever say that I am not. He knows everything. He belongs to a party which is racist... which is Umno."
"Umno is a party perkauman and is meant only for Malays and nobody (else) can join. So he (Nazri) is in a racist party but says he is against racism. So he should resign from the party," he added.
Despite an ongoing furore that the BTN training modules promoted a racist agenda, Mahathir had said on Sunday that the bureau's curriculum had helped foster unity as the courses were attended by Malaysians of all races.

In an immediate reaction, Nazri was far from apologetic for having trampled on the octogenarian's toes.
"That is the most stupidest statement that I have heard in my life," he told reporters in Parliament. "It only confirms what I said was right."
Stressing that Barisan Nasional constituted the bigger picture, Nazri said he had no role in setting the agenda for Umno during its formation.
The minister said that he joined the ruling party because he wanted to serve the government and the people.
"When you want to talk about forming the party, he (Mahathir) was involved in forming the party. That is not my problem, that's his problem. I only joined the system as it is," he added.
Continuing the tirade, the minister said: "If Umno is a racist party, he was president of a racist party, so he is a racistlah. The argument does not make him less of a racist."

tunku : what a stupid answer from nazri . he should resign from Umno asap if he knows that the system is racist and he said he is against racism.what a bloody stupid thing to say that he was not involved in forming the party and he just joined the system.where is your stand now?if you know the party is not right, why you want to join it? get lost from Umno and go to pakatan rakyat.they will welcome you there bloody have became the donkey of pakatan by creating tense in Umno.


anak nazri said...

this idiot nazri is way too much.someone should teach him a lesson.

Anonymous said...

nazri ni betul2 kurang ajar.mulut dia semakin celupar dan patut di ajar habis2an.

Anonymous said...

surprise how a person who is a lawyer himself can be so stupid to engage in a stupid issue.

Anonymous said...

A Stupid and idiot answer from a stupid and idiot person. He is a lawyer? I wonder where on earth he got his bar? Why on earth Malaysia PM would one someone with that kind of intelligence to be in his department? What kind of standard? Third world?

Anonymous said...

Najib should just sack him and show who's the boss.
Or minor reshuffle

Anonymous said...

He insulted najib's father for forming racist party. Najib! Tunggu apa lagi?

buyong said...

Where is najib?
Who is the PM now?

Why najib senyap aje?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha
Dr. Mahathir and his supporters end is near. Watch and see. I support Nazri What a Man!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Najib, do you hear the rakyat ? Time to act NOW against that 'Bloody woof woof Nazri'. You can't always play safe like a Mr condom.

tunku said...

DR M is no longer holding any position and to say that the end for him is near is so stupid of you.if you are talking about his life,hey he's 84years old.......what about you,you think you can live longer.....i hope you have asked forgiveness from God before it's too late.things happens so fast nowadays that you don't even have the time ask forgiveness.a car accident can happen in the shopping mall nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Biarlah dia nak menyalak.
Sekarang makin jelas siapa yang paling bodoh.

Anonymous said...

dia ni kata dia anti-racist, tapi jadi ahli parti racist

UMNO, MIC, MCA, HINDRAF semua racist

jadi patutlah walk the talk, masuklah parti keadilan yg memperjuangkan peliwat - tak racist pun

hah barulah orang boleh hormat - ini baru kena gertak 'pecat' dah pucat, terus hilang rambut