Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A blackmailer CM...

Lim Guan Eng warns he'll make heritage a global issue

GIVE Penang the promised RM25 million allocation for heritage conservation or the issue will be highlighted on the international stage.
That was the warning sounded to the Federal Government by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday.
Lim (DAP-Air Putih) said the state government needed the money to undertake heritage conservation work effectively after George Town was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
He said former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had promised the money to Penang, but the state had yet to receive anything although Malacca had already received its share.

Penang and Malacca were jointly listed as World Heritage Sites by Unesco last year.
Lim said the state government had so far been hesitant to take the matter up to the international arena as it did not want to tarnish the country's image.
"We will continue appealing to the Federal Government for it to fulfil the promise.
"If it does not work, we will work towards finding other financial resources to preserve and protect Penang's heritage.
"However, if we are forced to the point of desperation, we will take it up at the international level."
He said this in reply to a question by Ong Chin Wen (PKR-Bukit Tengah) on alternative financial resources to preserve heritage in the state.
Lim earlier said that the issue should not be politicised, adding that the sincere wish of the former prime minister to give Penang the allocation was now just an empty promise.
He added that there were rumours that the RM25 million had been hijacked by others.

tunku : after so many years of being an opposition leader, this kit siang's son still acting as an opposition even though he's the CM of Penang now.before becoming cm, he promised moon and stars to the people,he will solve all the problems within a year but it is coming to 2 years soon and still nothing have been done. as a cm he should communicate with federal government if the money was promised by them and not blackmailing in the state assembly.this is a gangster way of doing things not a cm.afterall a "kurang ajar" will always be "kurang ajar".he can't even raise rm25million. where have the money gone(commissions) from making the lease hold lands to free hold?


Anonymous said...

Oso a cm who belived in RUMOURS is very dangerous to his profeesion of accting.
Volatile combination "rumour mongering-ganster-acountnt-ceo "
But pple in penang want him,therfor they oso same wan.
Mah Ngah Tong.

jbresident said...

1.lge is not fit being a cm.
2.His attitude is appalling towards his opponents and ungrateful.
3.He seems to learn from gangsters or alongs in order to get the money to maintain the herritage projects. a cm of penang, he should bring businesses and help alleviate the people in penang.
5. Maybe he was the product of non government assisted school.

Anonymous said...

It's b'cos Federal Gomen is full of 'mudah lupa' people. How to trust menteri who don't keep their word and act like the money comes from their own pocket. Autar punya gomen. Gelaran heritage dapat share ngan satu dunia tapi maintenance expenses tak mau kasi. Gerun nak pikiaq Penang BN ambik balik. Autar punya orang semua. Barang dah terima , duit tak mau kasi.

Anonymous said...

This despicable act of making a mat to step on, with photos of people who disagree with you is basically a GANGSTER tactic.

Just like alongs, who imprison the lenders who can't pay.

This photo should be distributed all over Malaysia to SHOW the character of these DAP members.

Really, they get too swell-headed by power. They believe they can do anything.

Imagine if they become the ruling govt, they can do anything behind closed doors since they dare to show such disrespect to their opponents openly.

Anonymous said...

kalau bapa kurang ajar apatah lagi anak

Ho ho ho said...

Whether it is stepping on the picture or tearing the picture, it is all the same. It just need someone to start the trend. This is current state of affairs in Malaysia and we continue to rot.Everyone is trying to outdo each other the wrong way