Friday, April 19, 2013

Ronnie Liu, Teresa Kok - DAP's Sacrifice For PAS

Both Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok have been dismissed from DUN Pandamaran dan DUN Kinrara seats. However, Teresa will be defending Seputeh Parliamentary seat.
These two names has been few of the most controversial names for DAP/PR.
Ronnie Liu has been linked with a few gangsterism and triad issues which involves massage centres, nightclubs as well as gambling. Liu is also said to be directly involved with stopping authorities from combating against crime and adultery around Selangor.
Teresa Kok in the other hand, is famous with her preaching of Christianity that she was then arrested under ISA in 2008 for her order of lowering the volume in calling of azan, the Christian missionary movement, The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia demanded for her to be released.
Teresa is also the same individual who first came up defending the church when it comes to apostate issue in Selangor. Other than apostate and azan issue, Teresa also raised controversy regarding street names which is written in jawi, claiming it to be racist. Fact is, the writing has its own history where jawi is the early writing for Malays, which also symbolizes the official religion of the country.
She then replaced the jawi writing with Chinese writing. So, it is true, a racist person will always judge people based on racism.
Despite of her image as a 'good Christian', Teresa is not that clean. Her actions of embezzling money which was supposed to be channelled to single mothers was revealed by her own aide. The story begin when there was a 'surplus' in the donations which was not recorded, and to cover herself, Teresa accused her aide, Tony Tan for collecting donations by using the party's name.
However, Tony Tan responded by exposing that Teresa was the one who embezzled the money. Teresa then threatened to sue her former aide which was supposed to be on August 2012, however, until today, no suit is made on the matter.
Other than not being transparent, pretending to be pious and racist, Teresa also do not respect the Royal Institution of Malaysia where she ignored protocols and did not attend Islamic Songs Festival in 2010, which involves DYMM Tuanku Permaisuri Agong even when she is the EXCO responsible to attend the program.
In fact, once, an expose was made on an official letter of Selangor government from Teresa Kok's office which clearly showed bad Bahasa Melayu writing as well as letter head which uses Mandarin language.
All of this however, are not the reasons why Teresa and Ronnie were withdrew because all of their controversies followed DAP's aspiration.
The reason why their names were dropped is because DAP need to 'coax' PAS for the coming GE, considering that PAS is getting ready to handle their beef with DAP.
Like it or not, DAP had to convince PAS that they are willing to take a step back, to enable them to keep on using PAS in the future. Especially with the strong protest from a few PAS members regarding DAP's wish to use PAS' banners for the coming GE.
So, Teresa and Ronnie had to be dropped first. However, do not be convinced that DAP is sincere with this, because Teresa still remain in Parliamentary seat.
It seems like DAP and PAS will keep their 'poker-face' on until election comes. And we are certain that their game of 'battleship' will keep on going as long as they pretend that there is a coalition between them.

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