Sunday, April 28, 2013

DAP Submits Evidence To MACC Over Corruption Of Its Representative

According to DAPSY's statement, its actions of bringing Janice's case to MACC because the party believe that Jenice Lee has committed poewr abuse as well as being a suspect in five different misappropriation of state funds and money of the residents.
With that, DAPSY also demanded that the Independent candidate to withdraw her candidacy with the excuse that rakyat in DUN Teratai no longer need irresponsible representative such as Jenice Lee.
The evidence remain unknown, however, question is, why now? Back when Janice Lee was still DAP's representative for DUN Teratai, this matter was not even raised.
Jenice Lee was dropped from DAP two days ago after the nomination of candidates for GE13 because she refused to follow the party's order to withdraw herself as Independent candidate in DUN Teratai.
Considering that Jenice Lee is still contesting against DAP itself, only now the evidence and report is lodged to MACC. Seems like something is wrong here.
In a way, DAP's action through it's youth organization, bringing the case of Janice Lee to MACC somehow shows how the party owned by Lim's family strongly fight against corruption and power abuse.
At a glance, that is how it look. But if Janice Lee were to follow DAP's order to withdraw herself from contesting in GE13, surely the MACC report would not be made.
This means, the report was only lodged due to political reasons, not out of sincerity. When this happens, this means that DAP is willing to stay quiet if their members' misbehaved, as long as they stay loyal to the party.
This is not a good thing to follow, only lodging report to authorities in desperate times.
Based on this fact, it is clear that voting for DAP is not a good choice for Malaysia. It is not too hard to imagine how corrupt this country would be if DAP and PR are given the chance to rule.
Newspapers Nanyang Siang Pau and New Strait Times reported one of MACC's report which was just lodged by DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) against Jenice Lee who is also DAP's former assemblywoman of DUN Teratai.

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