Monday, April 1, 2013

The impending death of Lim Kit Siang – who is responsible?

We have written about many things that have come true – we wrote about the dropping of Ramasamy as the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and his replacement – Jagdeep Singh Deo, the son of Karpal Singh and today, this news is dominating the media and increasingly even amongst the DAP circle, this is been discussed as being inevitable.

We wrote about Jenice Lee being in trouble and likely to be dropped and today she is indeed under siege as she fights desperately for her political life.

We wrote about the clash of kings between the House of BOO CHENG HAU with the House of Lim Guan Eng and how efforts will be made to take credit away from Boo for expected gains in Johore and instead the credit will go to Kit Siang as he wrested away Boo’s leadership to lead the charge in Johore with his announcement that he will now contest the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.

Kit Siang initiated his charge and stamped his leadership over Johor to override that of Boo Cheng Hau by having his 3-day walkabout in Johore. The announcement of his move to Gelang Patah was greeted with much joy and cheers from his supporters. But there was no joy for at least 3 family members of the Lim clan.
Firstly, Kit Siang’s wife, Madam Neo Yoke Tee is worried sick with Kit Siang’s decision to go to Johore.

She is crossed and angry with him for being so stubborn as usual and prepared to sacrifice his own health for political purposes. Kit Siang is 72 years old and he suffers from increasingly poor health of late – his eyesight is failing him so much so that he is almost blind. He tires easily and the fiery speeches are exacting a great toll on his weak body. Indeed, though his spirit is willing but his flesh is weak. The added traveling and moving from one place to another place for the walkabout and ceramahs is punishing Kit’s body more than usual and the consequences is definitely a big worry and source of anxiety for Madam Neo.

Kit Siang also suffers from acute low-back pains from time to time. The pain can be so severe that it immobilizes him. In fact, this happened on last New Year’s Day where he missed the annual family lunch at the Penang Swimming Club.
That is why Kit Siang’s other son, Dr. Lim Guan Chong, who is in the Lam Wah Ee Hospital is very concerned with his father’s health that he arranged for a MRI scan to be conducted on Kit Siang then. The finding are inconclusive but the doctor son remains very concerned as the pain does not go away completely-it comes back on and off.

But the more famous and politician son, Lim Guan Eng doesn’t care – he wants his father to lead the charge in Johore and claim credit for the expected gains in Johore and blunt the advance of Boo Cheng Hau. Guan Eng goads and encourages the father on and ignores the risk to his health. This is due to Guan Eng’s overvaulting ambition to exert his tight grip on the party even though he will soon hit term limit as Secretary General of the party. Though he has nurtured a protégé – Anthony Loke to take over from him, there is no guarantee that his plans will be carried out as Boo Cheng Hau is seen as a rising star.

Once Boo secures and wins 6-7 Parliamentary seats in Johore in the coming GE13, he will be seen as the DAP leader with the best performance and with that increases his stature and builds his case to led the party after Guan Eng steps down from his SG post. Anthony Loke will be no match for Boo Cheng Hau.
But Guan Eng wants to head this off and prevent this from happening and so he is quite prepared to sacrifice Kit Siang’s condition for it.

It wasn’t too long ago that Kit Siang went up to Sabah for one week of intense campaign and walkabout and upon his return, he was warded and had to be hospitalised for sheer exhaustion.
But this time it is different because the GE13 campaign in Johore is expected to be even more intense as it is UMNO’s fortress and MCA’s last bastion and they will fight with all their might and soul to protect their turf. And worse still, the campaign will be for about 2 weeks and Kit Siang is expected to give his all.

Knowing Kit Siang’s passion and his tenacity, he will dig deep into his reserves and campaign but this time, the toll will be fatal. That is what Dr. Lim Guan Chong is worried about for his father. He wants his father to take it easy instead of stepping up the pace because he knows that the punishing pace of the campaigns may just kill him. Kit Siang may just collapse and die of a heart attack or stroke in the midst of the campaign and what will the gain then – Gelang Patah will still be lost and be won by the MCA unopposed if Kit Siang dies during the campaign period and before the polling day.

Even Kit’s other daughter, Lim Hui Ming, a practising lawyer with Messrs. Lee Ong & Kandiah has expressed her concern and horror to her father and even tried to persuade Guan Eng to discourage his father but to no avail. Guan Eng remains adamant in his political drive and doesn’t care about others; not even his own father. They are all dispensable in his quest for power and more power.

Consider this our warning to Kit Siang – what does it profit a man who wins the whole world but loses his life and soul? Kit Siang should be allowed to top off his long political career with a win that he can be proud off – and then retire and enjoy his twilight years with his grandchildren. There is nothing for him to prove anymore. Why must Kit Siang take this risk and even suffer the possibility that he may lose in GE13 in Gelang Patah and then end his political life as a loser that everyone remembers instead of the winner that he should be. He will be too old to contest in GE14 and so this is his finale and he should crown it with a victory.

Guan Eng is simply too selfish to sacrifice his father in this manner – so if Kit Sang dies during the campaign, this is Guan Eng’s doing. Guan Eng is responsible for the impending death of Lim Kit Siang.

Real friends in in DAP must warn Kit and also Guan Eng of this possibility and call off the risky and life-threatening Gelang Patah gambit. Just let Kit Siang have an easy victory in Ipoh Timor.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this is one time your prediction would not come through. LKS is a good simple man, although I cannot say the same about his offspring who has an ego as high as Komtar.