Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Action-mode for govt to fulfil promises

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants 2010 to be an action-mode year where the government implements its promises to the people."The coming year will be the execution year for us, in which we implement everything that were promised to the people.“Our NKRA (National Key Result Areas) is our akujanji to the people,” Najib said after opening Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah’s 14th congress here.
“The people will monitor how effective we are in implementing our promises. That is why the government machinery must focus on implementing the NKRAs and other development agendas set by ministries.” He was asked about his personal New Year resolutions but he gave the one he has for the country instead.
Earlier in his speech, Najib said Malaysia was the first country in the world to use the NKRAs in a comprehensive way.The six NKRAs are: reducing crime,fighting corruption, strengthening infrastructure in rural areas, improving transport in urban areas and education and raising the living standards of low-income Malaysians.
“Since I became prime minister eight months ago, I have tried to lay the foundations and direction for an agenda of change that is based on the voices of the people and their expectations.“Among the changes that we will continue to carry out are the
NKRAs.“One NKRA is on improving infrastructure in rural areas and this is not an easy task. But I am confident that with total commitment from our officers and the good cooperation shared between the state government and the Federal Government,
we can do this.“By 2012, we aim to provide electricity supply to 95 per cent of all
rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak and clean water to 90 per cent of the rural people in the two states.“We will do our best. We will work day and night because we also know that the people in rural areas are supporters of Barisan Nasional.”

tunku : well we hope that it will be 2010 action mode year in terms of economy and other important task as promised by the will be the year that will show what Najib is all about.may be he needs time to set the base(2009) and 2010 is the year of action and the people want to see results. we wish Najib all the best to deliver all the promises and bring more progress to the country. in the same time we want Najib to get rid of all the rotten apple in the party and government asap as these people are like cancer to the party and the government. Allah Bless Malaysia.

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