Saturday, November 8, 2008

Calling Fatwa a crap-This is too much

On Nov 7,2008 some non muslim womens group up and made protest against the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan on the woman's dress attire. Let me remind them that, first of all the fatwa meant for MUSLIMs, second in Islam it is HARAM for women to dress up like a man so does for a man dressing up like a woman. That person in the video(Thalaga) calling fatwa as a crap.This is an insult to Islam.this is religion matters. we hope the authority take controls of things like this before it get out of our control and take stern action on this kind of groups.You can criticize the government act/law not religions act/law/fatwa. Those girls in the videos need to be sensitive on this issue and think before they act.they were so ignorance that they were protesting something that is not meant for them and got nothing to do with them. Freedom comes with responsibilities.You just can't talk anything you like.


Azman said...

first of all, is it a totally non-muslim group?

if yes, they are barking at a wrong tree. all i can advise them is to save their precious "barkings" because the fatwa absolutely got nothing to do with them.

whilst their championing of women rights is commendable act, their misinterpretation and/or ignorant on Islamic laws however, is a disgrace to women as a whole.

on the other hand, if the group consists several muslim members, further tazkirah (even stricter ones) must be carry out to ensure those muslims members will not deviate from Islamic akidah. their actions in questioning fatwa and publicly calling it stupid, is also questioning Islamic hierarchical source of laws -- Al Quran, Hadiths, Ijmak Ulamak (fatwa)and Qiyas.

these people too are totally confused between politics and religious matters. it's funny when they feel that whenever "position of authority" issuing laws, it must be seen as an attempt to "control" their non-muslim way of life...

lastly, i wonder why malaysiakini was willing to cover such story? was it for portraying the ignorance of those people or for something else?

Unknown said...

maybe we can ask this thalaga to join majlis fatwa.

opps.. cannot..

journalist malaysiakini pun dah melampau, ada ke pi tanya orang bukan islam perkara berkaitan pasal islam. betul dah melampau...

## bila la reporter malaysiakini nak tanya aku pasal agama budha ke, kristian ke, hindu ke.. nak jugak aku komen..

Kerel Bort said...

stupid girl being interviewed by stupid press...
oh I'm sorry.. is calling u stupid too loud for u? but u are really stupid.

Cross-dresser is a punishable crime. yet I can see lots of these sicko in real world.

Please stop them before it is too late. I would like to suggest Malaysiakini to be put in an island with all its follower and wait for the destruction to come onto them.

Freedom come with responsibility. Why do you freedom fighter wear cloth outside? it is your right not to wear anything rite? Think laa.. stupid!

-this is an emotional reply-

Anonymous said...

Saya dengan ini mohon DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di PerTuan Agong serta DYMM Raja Raja Melayu arah Jabatan Agama Islam semua Negeri amabil tindakkan terhap semua yang terlibat menghin Islam.
Ampun Tuanku.
Patik rase dah cukup.
Sebelum orang lain dan pertubuhan lain ambil kesempatan akan keadaan.
Daulat Tuanku
Daulat Tuanku
Daulat Tuanku.
Menjunjong Kasih.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

now they are trying to intervene in everything.. stupid alien..if they can call the fatwa stupid they are stupider than the stupidest.. if they want to go bald on their head or elsewhere go ahead.. but don't ever touch our islamic fatwa or rule.. stupid...

Anonymous said...

Saya mohon semua Jabatan Agama Islam membuat laporan supaya Polis siasat dan hantar laporan kpd Pendakwa Raya agar tindakkan terhadap Sdri Lee Wei San dan Sdr Thalaga yang di laporkan olih Akhbar THE Star kerana menghasut kebencian terhadap Majlis Fatwa, dan mencampuri undang undang Islam yang di patuhi olih Orang berugama Islam.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

quite confusing. what is okay in saudi is not okay here. what is okay here is not okay in some arab countries. what is okay in singapore is not okay in malaysia. what is okay in iran is not okay here. fatwas can be quite conflicting sometimes. when there are conflicting fatwas, people are confused. muslims (syaiah and sunni)should be government by SINGLE fatwas for all of them. but, again the syiahs will say we have our own fatwas against what the sunnis have. take the mutaah and misyar for instance. many malaysian friends of mine (girls) married the syiahs in the US in the 80s when i was there. it was only a contract marriage. after their studies and stay in the US (men) the marriages were dissolved. our girls were left, some with children. many have not returned because of shame and some have found new spouses. some have stayed as single parent. we did help 2 of them monetarily before returning to malaysia. it's all a confusing matter. to many muslims, they prefer to do what is best to their conscience or belief in the type of islam they want to follow.when they start disgreeing, conflicts will arise. to the non-muslims they find all these differences in fatwas a strange phenomenon. let's not be quick to judge them as offending our religion. we, muslims are not showing good examples to them. just show to them through good practice that we are good muslims and let them judge us by our good acts rather than our rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

It's totally bullshit! the fatwa has got nothing to do with her as a non-Muslim. Why bother?!

Such a stupid comment coming out from a stupid girl.

Pokjak a.k.a. Aizat said...

What in wrong with the kafir or should i Called them Nonmuslim people in the videos...

Why should they protest the fatwa, it has nothing to do with the kafirs' life. The fatwa only applicable for those who are Muslim.
And since when the fatwa discriminate the women, as far as I concern, Islam is the religious that promote men to protect the women as the are weaker gender.

Abusing women is condemn in Islam. Those who abuse the women which they should protect will bear the punishment which they will received during the judgment day.

All the kafir, or Non muslim please understand what is Islam all about, don't just condemning Islam based on what You heard.
Study the religion first before you justify it.

Salam Ukhwah.

M-Tequila said...

well, perhaps u all can see it is stupid for her to have her say as a non muslim... yes. she may be stupid for standing out and say fatwa is stupid... perhaps she shudnt put it that way in her words when she express it out.

i was invited as well. i didnt turn up cos i have something else to do. but if i were have time i would go also.

no... im not gonna say fatwa is stupid. it's just plainly bcos i want to support my sisters.

see it from another angle, she's voicing out for all malay sisters in this tomboy/pengkid circle. i dun think she's really against fatwa.

and to be honest, i too thinks that its quite ridiculous for controlling a person's attire. it's their individual personality.

so guys, now u r all dressed in slacks and shirt in office or dressed in jeans n t-shirt/polo-t for college wearing cap, u feel confident in that way and u look good damn good. most important, u feel damn confident. and suddenly u're being demand u have to wear baju melayu and songkok all the time be it to work or college or going to the malls... would u? would u now feel that whatever u feel like wearing is actually all about ur individual self?

dun be all defensive now. i dun mean to be rude. it's just my say. afterall, we do have our own say, yes?

sir taek boon, why call us sicko when we are still human who works to earn a living and pay tax after all?
we dont go up to u and spit at u and be rude to u, rite? :)

Anonymous said...

m tequila,
first you are not muslim, second this fatwa is not for non muslim, it is meant for muslims only. non muslim wants to wear what, is their wish, they want to walk around in their panties, we don't care. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT OUR RELIGION , when dont question yours, so its better you don't question ours, understand.

Anonymous said...

Takeda Shingen menulis di Vox populi Malaysiakini menuding jari kat TGNA dan menyifatkan TGNA sebagai "dictator" .
Takeda Shingen mengaku diri nya sebagai bukan Islam.
Takeda Shingen menyatakan dia ada hak untuk masuk campur dan membuat ulasan mengenai Al Quran dan hukum Hakam Majlis Fatwa bersabit dengan dengan penkid.
Saya desak vox populi hentikan segera peluang membenarkan Takeda Shingen membuat kenyataan hasutan dan kebenciaan terhadap Islam dan Majlis Fatwa dalam blog Malaysia.
Anda sudah melepasi batas.
arjuna waspada

Anonymous said...

Honey Tan Lay Ean dari NGO EMPOWER tidak setuju dengan Majlis Fatwa yang keluarkan Tatwa untuk di amali olih Orang ISLAM sahaja.
Kenapa dia ni tak faham lagi ?
Tidak ada siapa wanita Islam Muslimah yang mewakilkannya untuk berforum dengan Menteri Zahid Hamidi bagi pihak orang Islam.
Sia sia saje orang Islam puas beri nasihat yang berhemah,santun dan nada yang lembut.
Masih nak cabar?
Bila kita nak Fatwa saje terus lenting sebut Human rights konon.
Hak Islam macam mana ?
Dia sorang saje ada hak?
arjuna waspada

Anonymous said...

Hari ini 22hb Nob 08 akhbar THE STAR menyiarkan berita SIS melalui
Norhayati Kaprawi mengutuk Majlis Fatwa atas Tajuk penkid.

Saya nak tanya kenape Norhayati dan SIS marah sangat kat Majlis Fatwa ?
Saya minta JAKIM dan semua Jabatan Agama Negeri dan Menteri hal Ehwal Islam sila ambil tindakkan dan halang orang saperti pertubuhan SIS mengutuk Majlis Fatwa.
Jika tidak, akan marak lagi api marah orang Islam terhadap SIS.
Mengapa wanita NGO Wanita Islam dan Muslimah berdiam diri dalam hal SIS serang Majlis Fatwa?
arjuna waspada