Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Khairy: Malaysia ‘doomed’ if Sedition Act powers abolished

Malaysia will be “in ruins” (hancur) if the powers bestowed upon authorities by the Sedition Act are abolished, said Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

In his speech during the Umno Youth Wing launch on Wednesday at the party's annual general assembly, Khairy argued that elements within the Sedition Act function as “armour” against disharmony.

“To the leadership in Government, Umno Youth urges that no matter what happens to the Sedition Act, with whatever new name that it assumes, we want the powers vested in this law to be retained in some ways as a shield for all. Without it to protect us, the nation would be in ruins,” Khairy said.

“These terms in future will be a protection not only for the Malays but for all races. If there are those who overstep their boundaries, who insult the Malay race or Malay Rulers, Umno Youth urges that the perpetrators be prosecuted with without delay," he added.

“Similarly, if there are those who insult other races, Umno Youth must also be at the forefront, urging that action also be taken against the culprits,” said Khairy, who is also Youth and Sports Minister.
He also warned party members against forcing the Malay culture onto others.

To unite the diversity within Malaysia, the Malay language can be used as a rallying factor, he said.
“Continue with vernacular schools, but do something to strengthen the nation's unity. Ensure that all students in vernacular schools are fluent in the national language. Be part of the integration process, do not be a community that is left out from the rest. Show to the world that we are Malaysians,” he called.

“Although there are some who question the position of vernacular schools, the Umno leadership has long accepted it. It is inscribed in our laws, in fact not even an Education Minister can change the status of vernacular schools,” said Khairy, who added that vernacular schools had also received special provisions during Budget 2015.


Anonymous said...

DAH kena balun dengan TPM baru bersuara !
Selama ni dok DIAM ?

Anonymous said...

minta tolong sesiapa yg mampu untuk membeli tanah yg berpotensi ini. mohon perhatian tuan & rakan

Anonymous said...

si bangla ni party UMNO ke party DAP?

kalau dah terbukti politik wang sibangla ni harus dipecat