Friday, June 14, 2013

Ku-Li Is Not Fit To Be The President of UMNO.

There are rumours saying that Gua Musang MP, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku-Li) will challenge the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as the President of UMNO in the next UMNO party election. A lot of people are talking about this rumour and many of them believe that this is somewhat true.
Blogs and facebook pages are starting to focus on the issue. Some supported the idea, while others are against it.

As a party that based on democracy, Ku-Li’s ambition of becoming the President is not wrong. However, in the same time we have to remember that, the President of UMNO is also the President of Barisan Nassional. Ku-Li will have to hold two positions at the same time.

This is a battlefield where Ku-Li needs to prove his worth to show that he can lead the Barisan Nasional without any problems in the future. Ku-Li shall definitely be accepted by the Malays that make up 100% of the members  in UMNO, but can the component party of Barisan Nasional accept Ku-Li?
It is important to be reminded that Barisan Nasional is the one who will be contesting in the election and not UMNO.

At the age of 76, we are certain that not all of us feel that Ku-Li has what it takes to be an effective UMNO President and the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Ku-Li loves to look back, rather than looking forward to the future. After, the 1988 UMNO crisis, Ku-Li registered his own party the “Semangat 46” reliving the spirit of the old UMNO.

The Malays do not need the old UMNO spirit, at that particular time (Semangat 46), as we are not worshipping the spirits (paddy spirits, sea spirit and many other supernatural powers associated with the spirit world) to get what we want in the real world. The Malays need to change the economic and political aspect of their lives to change the destiny of their race.

Talking about the Semangat 46, maybe not many of us know the fact that Ku-Li have to conjure two opposition pacts to chellenge Barisan Nasional after looking at the victory of PAS and Semangat 46 taking over the Kelantan government in the 1990 general election. The two opposition parties are “Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU)” and “Gagasan Rakyat”.

The APU is a party consisting the Malay/Islam (PAS, Berjasa. HAMIM, KIMMA) while the Gagasan Rakyat (DAP and PRM) is a group of secular parties consist of non-muslim political leaders.

Why did he set up two opposition pact according to the beliefs and race of their members? It is because Ku-Li are not fit enough to unite all of the position at that time, in the same platform. Semangat 46 is a clone to UMNO with Ku-Li is seen as an Ultra Malays similar to Datuk Ibrahim Ali and the PERKASA.
Barisan Nasional does not need an ultra-Malay leader. Barisan Nasional needs a moderate leader that can handle the the rights and needs of the Malaysian people disregarding their race or religion.

In short, we do not think that Ku-Li does not fit to be  a leader of a multiracial party, similar to the Barisan Nasional, considering his past political achievement.

The most important that we all need to realise is that Ku-Li is not a well adapt leader and he cannot cope with the current situation. He will not be able to lead the Barisan Nasional or Malaysia in this new and age.

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