Sunday, December 25, 2011

DAP’s Karpal Singh tells Ramasamy to quit as Penang dep CM II

GEORGE TOWN: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has urged Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy to resign from his post for making serious allegations against party leaders.
“Dr Ramasamy's position in the state government is no longer tenable because he had defied the decision of the party's three-member committee not to refer the party's internal problems to the press,” he said in a press conference on Saturday.
Karpal Singh said Dr Ramasamy had publicly disclosed allegations about party leaders and members without any basis.
He was referring to the report in The Star on Friday quoting Dr Ramasamy as saying his critics were plotting against him because he did not respond to their overtures for projects and favours.
“This is a serious allegation. Till now, Dr Ramasamy has not denied making the statement,” he said.

tunku : the godfather of dap had spoken and gaves his verdict. ramasamy left with no choice but to resign or else the godfather and the mafia(the Lims) will make his life miserable.that is the style of dap. do not mess with the godfather and the mafias.


Anonymous said...

Finally Karpal is showing his true colours as a GodFather.

But I wonder why Lim Guan Eng is keeping very quite. Ooohhh, keeping the ploy all to himself ehh.

Sikh and Indian quarrel, they will cancel out each other. The Chinese will remain dominant.

The Malays in DAP are just shit lickers.

Beware ...

Anonymous said...

These two guys could be billionaires, with a capital "B", today if they had "played their cards right" But they did not do that and so they are where they are today. Only History will judge them.

Anonymous said...

Selamt Tahun Baru Tunku. Happy Blogging.