Monday, December 5, 2011

Ex-IGP Musa may take legal action against bloggers for slander

PETALING JAYA: Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan is thinking of taking legal action against bloggers for reports slandering him that he married an artiste in a hush-hush RM15mil wedding.
Musa, who retired last year, said he did not have that much money to splurge.
not go anywhere to marry anyone because I was with her’
“Every time the rumour-mongers make wild accusations, it will backfire on them when the allegations are proven baseless.
“The (then called) Anti-Corruption Agency investigated me over allegations of a RM2mil bribe from the underworld and I was cleared,” he said yesterday.
He added that his wife Puan Sri Juriah Ahmad was not shocked by the marriage rumours because she knew they were not true.
“She knows I did not go anywhere to marry anyone because I was with her. I have only one wife, four children and six grandchildren.
“And if I ever marry again, I will certainly not keep it a secret as a wedding is a sacred affair. It is not like committing adultery,” he added.
Syella: Photos of her cutting a cake with the groom are being circulated in the blogs.
Allegations about the “lavish wedding” between Musa and local artiste Syella Kamaruddin surfaced in the blogsphere recently with claims that the ceremony cost RM15mil, with bridal gifts that included a RM5mil bungalow and an RM800,000 Audi R8.
Syella, who did not want to reveal the identity of her husband, had reportedly said her husband did not look like Musa, adding that he was younger and sturdier.
Photographs of Syella cutting a multi-layered cake with the groom are being circulated in the blogs and were published by the Chinese media.
Musa said he taught at the Centre for Media Warfare at Universiti Teknologi Mara.
He said he had turned down several other offers, including a diplomatic posting and teaching at the Anti-Terrorism Academy in Langkawi.
“I am content with my current post as a lecturer,” he said.

tunku : tan sri musa, just sue them. teach them a lesson. they have been spreading it all over the country as it was a truth. do not give them chance as they will never learn and keep spreading lies.


Anonymous said...

This is a serious matter. Heads must roll.

Burung Merbok said...

Yes, why wait ; teach these 'munafiks' a lesson they'll never forget.