Monday, October 24, 2011

Concerned Groups Insist On Aerobridges At KLIA2

PETALING JAYA, Oct 23 (Bernama) -- Installing aerobridges at the under-construction KLIA2 airport will benefit everyone, not only the disabled.
The reminder came from a group of concerned individuals who gathered here today to express their deep concern over the issue.
"Our purpose of gathering today is to reassert our call for aerobridges to be installed at KLIA2 for the safety, security and comfort of all passengers," according to a statement issued by the group.
They comprised wheelchair users, people with various disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant women, volunteers and others.
Meanwhile, Shuang Fu Disabled Independent Living Association chief executive Danny Tan, who is wheelchair-bound, said aerobridges were important for disabled passengers.
"We're disabled people, we don't want to burden others in helping us to get to the plane," he said, adding that the relevant authorities should look into the matter.

tunku : government should not listen to airasia but should listen to the people. the people wants the aerobridges, so please built it.the passengers won't mind to be charged to use that facility.i don't understand why airasia is so reluctant to use it? what's the agenda behind it? it's only cost them about rm100 to use a flight there are more than 100 passengers. airasia can put the cost in the ticket's price.

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Anonymous said...

All over the world this close association between the govenment and the 1% of the private sector does not seem to working. The wealth has not trickled down and we are left holdong a regualr boom- bust cycle every ten years. Governments have a wider interest of taking care of its people irrespective of which class they belong to.