Monday, January 26, 2015

Selangor gets dengue warning

The number of dengue cases in Malaysia is on the rise, with nearly 3,000 new cases recorded in the past week.

With more than 1,000 cases, Selangor grabbed the lion’s share of the attention of the Government.

“The Health Ministry has urged Selangor and its local councils to pay close attention to the rise in dengue cases,” said Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya, who added that dengue in Petaling Jaya had worsened.

“Local councils must keep a close watch on proper waste management and other related problems which may lead to the increase in dengue cases,” he told a press conference after presenting 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) 2015 here yesterday.

Ministry deputy health director-general Datuk Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai said the matter was “in the public’s hands”.

“Right now we are looking at 2,500 to 2,800 cases every week.

“The public has to be aware that dengue is back,” he said as he advised the public to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds around and within their homes.

“It is highly important that we take a proactive stance against dengue,” said Dr Jeyaindran.

At the height of last year’s dengue crisis, incidences hit a high of 3,500 cases a week.

On another matter, Dr Hilmi said the ministry was studying the possibility of relocating government clinics away from low-lying areas that were prone to flooding.

“The recent floods in Kelantan and Terengganu have shown that clinics are not suitable to be built in such locations, where the floods destroyed 15 of them – four in Terengganu and 11 in Kelantan.

“The Terengganu government agreed to allocate three pieces of land for the rebuilding of the clinics,” he added.

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