Sunday, January 11, 2009

Palestinian shame for UN

KUALA LUMPUR: The UN Security Council and world leaders have failed the people of Gaza, said Mercy Malaysia president Datuk Dr Jemilah Mahmood.
Dr Jemilah, who returned from Rafah, Egypt, yesterday, told a press conference that the Security Council and leaders should be held accountable for the Israeli aggression and massacre in Gaza.
She was with Mercy‘s three-member logistics team which went to the Egyptian border town on Dec 31 to assess the situation and deliver US$100,000 (RM360,000) worth of medical supplies.
“We have witnessed children being shot in the head by sniper fire. You can say that you bombed a building and there’s collateral damage but when you target kids (with) bullet holes in their chest and their heads, this is not collateral damage,” she said.
“It is now a question of accountability and I think we need to hold (world) leaders and the Security Council accountable to this.”
Dr Jemilah slammed the international community for taking too long to act, while the death toll and the injured increased daily.
“We are now in the third week of the conflict. It’s a case of humanitarian crisis in the worst nature.
“For me, both parties have to stop the violence immediately and consider the number of lives lost and damage incurred.
“We can deal with the issue politically later because it can’t be at the expense of the innocent people of Gaza,” she said.
She said that she supported the UN’s call for an independent investigation into the bombing of two schools in the Jabaliya refugee camp and the Asma primary school in the Gaza city.

tunku : The UN has never really stood up for the Palestine especially its security council but they have always stood up for the america and israel.just imagine they can shoot a child's head, what kind of human are they? to me, they are not human but animals.

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