Monday, September 2, 2013

Malaysian Insider Twist Anwar’s Word!

Recently the Malaysian Insider reported that Anwar Ibrahim said that he accepted the GE-13 result and wants to meet with the government to discuss national issues. The statement by Anwar is seen as a move by Anwar Ibrahim to build a unity government with the Barisan Nasional.

 Dato’ Seri Najib on the other hand denied and opposes any sort of discussion with the Pakatan Rakyat, even the idea of establishing a unity government is considered as preposterous. It is clear that PR was opposed by the people and no reason why the government have to work together with a group of people who were rejected by the voters.

In addition to that, Anwar in his twitter has already denied that he accept the GE-13 result has been said by the Malaysian Insider. Anwar Ibrahim stressed that the 13th general election results was invalid as there exist phantom voter and many other accusation.

 Anwar, indirectly accuse the Malaysian Insider twisted his statement. Even though, Anwar did not deny that he wants to have a discussion with the government regarding national issues.
Thus, maybe it is true that Anwar is dreaming of sharing powers with Najib as the PM of Malaysia, only Anwar wants to do it without acknowledging the GE-13 results.

We do not know, who is the liar between Anwar and Malaysian Insider because both of them are caught lying in numerous occasion. However, knowing Anwar Ibrahim who are obsessed in becoming the PM and cannot accept the fact the he lost the election, so that it is easier for us to believe that Malaysian Insider is reporting the fact.

                If this is untrue, Anwar must sue the Malaysian Insider because they twist their words. Suing others is Anwar’s hobby, why not sue Malaysian Insider? It is weird if Anwar were to let go of Malaysian Insider thus getting ready for an impact from the “false” report.

This is shows as if Anwar has already thrown in the towel and receive the result of the GE-13.
 From this moment on, Pakatan Rakyat supporter must be sad. They feel ashamed because they were the one who opposed the GE-13 result. For Anwar to accept the result, it will destroy all reason of the “struggle”, and everything would be done for nothing. Their sacrifice to ensure that the GE-13 to be null and void seen as a foolish act only.

It is a compulsory for Anwar to restore the moral of his supporters and taking action against Malaysian Insider If the media reported falsely.

The people want Anwar to tell us the truth whether he accept the GE-13 result or not? If not, it is improper for anwar to talk about the unity government or ask the government to talk on any issues in this country. Instead Anwar proves that he was the person who creates the phantom voter story and also the fraud on the 13th by election.

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