Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wawasan Tower Protest, Supporting the Chinese Association.

We all know that, Kuala Lumpur is packed with skyscrapers and big buildings. In the same time, there are so many countries in the world are building bigger and taller structure. We have already passed our time of great architecture for example the building of the PETRONAS Twin Tower in 1995.

The only thing that made PETRONAS Tower one of the memorable buildings in the world is that the structures were twins.

Thus, we do not see how the Wawasan Tower that was proposed by Najib’s administration will give an impact to the fast paced architecture world. We understand that many countries are building higher structure so that it can be associated with the image of the country. The fact of the matter is, it have to be taller that it’s entire predecessor.

The proposed Wawasan Tower is only 600 meters, 228 meters shorter than the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifah (828 meters) in Abu Dhabi. It maybe becomes the tallest building in Malaysia after it is done but what impact can it make? We have to enter the architectural race with other nation and not with ourseleves.

We understand why some of the Chinese business association protest on the idea of Menara Wawasan. They believe that it will harm the ecosystem of Kuala Lumpur. A lot of countries in this world are trying to stop the building of tall structures and giving more attention to the environment, our country under Najib seems to take a step back by building the pathetic Wawasan Tower.

We should not forget that the lands in Kuala Lumpur are actually restructured mining lands that is full of sand and is unstable. It requires expensive technology and engineering skills during the Petronas Twin Tower project in 1995. How many ringgit of the people’s money that we have to use to build this Wawasan Tower if all the technologies are used to erect the building?

In 1995, the country was able to fund the Petronas Twin Tower mega project because the nation’s economy are booming and the Gross Domestic Product are more than 8% and this was retained for 5 consecutive years. Compared with the current economic achievement now, we are not able to achieve such heights and the highest is 6%. Do not ever forget that, Anwar Ibrahim is the Minister of Finance at that particular time.

The Pakatan Rakyat supports fully the protest from the Chinese Business Association on the building of the Wawasan Tower; it is because the government needs to think of the damage on the environment that it will also affect the real estate business, restricting the Chinese hawker business and so much more. The fact of the matter is, Malaysian do not want another tall building that will not give any benefits to them.

In conclusion, the only way the that the Wawasan Tower would be acceptable to Malaysian is it must be build higher than the Burj Khlifa or be made a twin tower similar to the Petronas tower. The Pakatan Rakyat, using their respected seat in the parliament to help the Chinese association to ensure that the project will not be materialized – using all means necessary.

This is crucial for the Pakatan Rakyat, and if the government do not budge, a demonstration will be held to build a human shield in order to stop the construction of this building.

This is our commitment. This is our country.

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Anonymous said...

A few years back, there was a study in which states that a country after the completion of a skyscraper may face with an economic struggle. The study refer to Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. So I think whoever planning this time and money wasting under this current economic climate should have his or their heads examined.. Mq