Monday, July 1, 2013

Besut By-Election: PAS and PKR considers DAP as senile.

The Kuala Besut by-election carries a big meaning for both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. This is because the seat is currently 17-15 advantage to BN. Even though BN has the upper hand through the speaker seat, if PAS win the election, then both parties will have the same amount of seats.
This situation is surely what the people want, as they want to see UMNO-PAS share their power in harmony. Sadly, DAP is trying very hard to destroy this unity.
Lim Guan Eng made a statement asking PAS to boycott the by-election. It is different for PKR that is eagerly waiting for this by-election. Some of the PKR leaders said that they want their candidate to replace PAS.
Guan Eng excuse of asking PAS to back down is that the SPR is not transparent and the indelible ink system should be revised. Because there are no guarantees that the integrity of the by-election process in Besut, they believe that the result will be questioned.
However, Guan Eng excuse shows the hypocrisy of the DAP as he also took oath after receiving the result of the 13th General Election that is organized by the SPR and using the same indelible ink system.
PAS and PKR will never boycott any election regardless of the system used in the election. Their livelihood depends on election and it is crucial for them to fight for each and every seat without any hesitation.
Because of that PKR did not comment on any of DAP’s suggestion, meanwhile PAS stated that the suggestion were not discussed in the Pakatan Rakyat.
For PAS and PKR, DAP seems to be senile as to suggest such things. DAP are not involved in Kuala Besut as it is a majority Malay area. If the majority of the area is Chinese, then DAP would not have made the same suggestion.
Guan Eng and his DAP minions has truly shown their true colours. They are selfish and hypocrites. If PAS and PKR is willing to live and die for the election, then DAP’s live and die only for the benefits of the Chinese.

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