Thursday, July 18, 2013

Does the government have the guts to prosecute Alvin, Vivian and Marino?

Does the government have the guts to prosecute Alvin, Vivian and Marino?
Alvin Lee, Vivian Tan together with the Ambassador of the Vatican City is accused of mocking the Islamic faith and trying to meddle with the Malaysian government administration. Both of them are considered as a threat to the Barisan Nasional (BN) administration. 

Talking about the couple Alvin and Vivian, I do not see any laws that can be used against them for any offences in the Malaysian legal system. The thing is what they are doing is too small to even be on the front page of the local newspaper. 
It is because, we were informed according to the religion of Islam it is forbidden to eat swine, and it is not an offence if a non-Muslim to invite a Muslim to eat swine. The couple even apologize for their mistakes. For us it is more than enough. 
However, because of this matter is under the supervision of the ruling party of the country. We would not want to meddle in this issue. BN need to solve this matter professionally. 

In the same time, the statement made by the Vatican City Ambassador, supporting the usage of the word “Allah” in Malaysian church triggered a chain reaction that pushed the government to take action against the Bishop. 

Even though there’s an official apology from the Bishop, it is clearly not enough for some of the parties in Malaysia and they want Marino to be prosecuted. Maybe if Marino is hanged, then all of would be satisfied. 

Even so, we are waiting with full attention whether the government is brave enough to take action against all of the names that is stated earlier in this article. What we want to say here is that whether the government has the guts to prosecute these individuals or not. 

We believe that, we do not see that the government is brave enough. They can lie to their minions, but frankly speaking Malaysians are more intelligent than the government think. The most that they can do is to take statement from Alvin and Vivian. Marino was called by the foreign affairs division. 

Let’s forget the statement made by the Attorney General, because we know that even the mightiest prosecutor in Malaysia cannot take any action before getting a nod by the government first. 

The fact of the matter is, we believe that the action will not be brought fourth only because the government want to mend things with the Chinese and the Christians in Malaysia. The rationale is, after the PRU-13 the Chinese and Christians opposed BN almost 100%.

PERKASA and all of the Islamic NGO who believes that the government will defend Islam will be disappointed as Najib Razak is not as brave as he tries to be.

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Anonymous said...

Sdra Tunku izin saya,
Berapa kerat cina beng buat kutukan resmi terbuka terhadap dua orang kes ini ?
Mengapa diam sunyi sepi:- Wong Chun The Star,Oriental Daily,Sin Chew,Hua Zhong Dong Zhong ACCIM,SCAH, ribuan Dato Datuk, Datuk Seri Dato Seri Paduka ,Dato Amar, puluhan TanSri TanSri Ketua Menter (aH Beng Pinang) Perak Cousin Hailam,Lim senior dan 3,000,000 pengundi tsunami Cina dan semua yang fasih bahasa selain daripada Bahasa Malaysia?
Ah Jib Gorrr dan strategik director tak nampak ke ?
Ah jib gor yang amat kasih cinta sekolah vernakular dan bapak sekolah cina ?
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak