Friday, July 12, 2013

The DAP’s Ubah Bird: A Symbol of the DAP’s immigrant spirit.

The state government of Pulau Pinang has launched their “UBAH” or change symbol in the shape of a floating hornbill on the 11th of July 2013. The UBAH bird is 25ft high and 26ft wide. It is made from high quality PVC and weight approximately 250 kg. The thickness of its body is 0.35 mm and the thickness of its floating apparatus is 0.7 mm.

 According to an official DAP report, the cost for the said bird symbol is around RM 60,000.00 and it is funded by DAP’s supporter and sponsors. It took 2 month to be finished and all of those involved in the process said that their mission is just for fun and personal satisfaction.
 What’s interesting is that the UBAH bird is inspired by the yellow rubber duck that is popular in Hong Kong.

We are not baffled by anything made by DAP is inspired by Hong Kong, China, Singapura, Taiwan and all of the slit-eyes countries associate with them. DAP dreamt of having a country that is dominated by the Chinese and refused to acknowledge that this country belongs to the Malays.

 We do not know whether the state government of Pulau Pinang has already made an audit upon the “contribution” and “sponsors” that they received to make this particular bird. However, the cost of RM 60,000.00 that was managed to collect in 2 month only to satisfy their personal interest shows that they are a bunch of power hungry and are so happy to keep Pulau Pinang in the hands of the Chinese.
Actually, the ambition of the Chinese in this country is too big and they are here not only to fight for their so called exclusive rights.    

It is important for everyone in the country to understand the difference the thinking of Chinese and other races. If a politician of other race can understand that they must serve the people of this country, however, Chinese politician understands that “political power” if they have it, is only to represents their race. Because of that, the Chinese now are considering that that the powers that they have in Pulau Pinang are only as a symbol of the power that their race possessed.

 This explains why one of my friends who went for a vacation in Cameron Highland and heard a Chinese school pupil singing the Negaraku with its lyrics modified and said that Pulau Pinang is his country.
 Thus, it is not that shocking if some of them would be able to give their service in order to design and completing the UBAH bird for free. This is because with their new found ego fuelled by their victory of retaining Pulau Pinang in the last 13th general election, it is a new spirit of their nation and no longer they hold on to their partisan ways.

Maybe some of the readers out there will accuse this article of being too extreme and prejudicial to the Chines. However, I would like to state that a party who lost the election are usually those who undermine their enemy. Those who are in the winning side, have the ability to anticipate their enemies’ moves.
 It is time for the Malays to throw away their “no worries” and “impossible” attitude to judge something. Why can’t we look back at the aftermath of the 13th General Election and take this as a lesson so that we do not have to ignore any possibility and probability in order to safeguard our race and prosperity.

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