Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Now ‘all the cards are open on the table’ and there is no hiding of anything – all pretenses are revealed – in short the TRUTH has emerged.
The opposition pact is in a turmoil as distrust and jealousy creep in making them feel jittery with each, anger and suspicious and of course, each planning how to kill the other behind their backs.
Politics among partners in Pakatan is dirty where greed is the name of the game and each of the party tries to be on top of the other, stab each other from the back and step on each other to be on top.
No longer are they insync with the objective ‘one for all or all for one’ but it is now each for himself as they point fingers at each other for not doing their part.
DAP, which is chauvinistic and full of shrewdness, tries to become the ‘gum’ between the three parties but at the same time, it is playing the lead role, an autocratic one, where it tries to impose rather than work matters on concensus.
DAP has already got PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim to pick only trusted men to stand as candidate in Penang and dropped all untrusted incumbents including DCM1 Mansor Othman.
Anwar is a man who is now indebted to DAP as he has sold everything to DAP just to get the support to be the PM because Anwar’s credibility has gone down so low that even the Malays in PKR has doubts.
Given the Malay support has eroded so much in PKR, DAP boss Lim Guan Eng has no choice but to strengthen its Christian-Chinese support by raising the ALLAH issue.
And he has also demanded extra seats from PKR so that he can have more seats for his Chinese candidates whom he can depend on and trust.
In short, Malays are no longer the target for Guan Eng and DAP to stay afloat because the party’s chauvinistic character has been exposed.
That is why Karpal Singh has been trying to pressure PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to stay by the opposition pact and not steer away with most issues that are now splitting the followers in terms of race and religion.
In fact, several PAS leaders had ticked off Karpal for going on board in defending the other religions and races without even having a small bit of thought on the sensitivity and feelings of the Muslims.
And the backlash is clear now when PAS members and supporters staged several demonstrations calling for Karpal to apologise and PAS leadership are now in a catch 22 position.
A wrong decision now will see the party losing most of its supporters and fence sitters and following the wishes of supporters will see the party being sidelined by its opposition pact.

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