Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat Wants Sultan Sulu Army To Be Killed

It is just the nature of PR leaders when it comes to creating issues, which then would be dragged by involving the national security, which they would then blame the central government.
That is what is happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah, which showed the invasion of about 100 Sultan Sulu followers whom were invited by PR leader after they were promised a region at the state.
They labeled themselves as Sultan Sulu Army where most of them are armed and are surrounded at Lahad Datu, at the same time the authority is still under negotiations to settle this issue in peace.
PR realized that their role in this issue has been exposed to the public after Philippine military confirmed that the invitation came from a Malaysian opposition leader, and they are in the hot seat.
Sabahans who managed to see that there is an inside job to this matter, rise up by criticizing the unpatriotic move made by opposition leader from Peninsular for trying to threaten Sabah's public safety.
PR is now stuck and it is PR nature to keep on blaming people when they are in a tight space. They are blaming the authority for taking the measure of negotiating with the invaders.
The reason the negotiations are taken is because the authority realize that there is space to settle this in peace without having to follow any of the invaders' demands.
If violence is the priority, that would be the last resort if all negotiations turn sour and Malaysian Armed Force (MAF) would follow the orders to protect our country.
However, as long as there is still room for negotiations, no harm will be done, that has been Malaysia's policy.
Despite this, PR leaders kept on trying to provoke the public to question the authority for making those negotiations, and at the same time belittles the national defence system in facing issues as this.
This immature move does not help anything, instead, PR's provocation would only cost them their negotiation process.
Generally, PR love to see chaos, and if there is any blood shed in Lahad Datu where all invaders are killed, PR hope that it could benefit them.
PR leader promised a region to Sultan Sulu and his soldiers, and now PR want to see blood shed? Weird.
Whatever it is, lets hope that everything would go smoothly. We believe that this issue can be settled in a few days from now without any blood shed


Anonymous said...

We have our territory to protect. I'm not a supporter of Pakatan and I do advocate peaceful negotiations, but within a time frame. We needn't care about what the world thinks of us because we are just protecting our Sovereignty. The Americans have done worse and I dont think anyone here needs to be educated on their astocities. The British sent a whole fleet across the Altlantic to send the small group of Argies packing. So please, dont politicize this by dragging Pakatan into what we should have done in the first place. If you want to chastize anyone for it, zero in on the traitor in Pakatan for inviting these criminals, but do not make the mistake of not acting in the right form just because the opposition thinks we should. Tunku, if a group of robbers come and occupy your home driving your parents and family out and touching and violating all of your personal things. Wouldn't you want the police to gas them out punished or would you want to be kind and talk them into leaving in peace? They have said they wont leave your house and will fight to the death if are forced to. We have laws. We have procedures and courses of action to employ. As we speak, this group is getting more sympathy from the people in Philippines on the claim for Sabah. There are also rich enemies of Islam that want to see our destruction watching closely and thinking of funding this group if they get more publicity and sympathy from this region. We have to put a stop to it now, or suffer the consequence of being a failed negotiator in the long run. We have to put politics aside and just do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

kita x mintak pun suruh fight, smua nak peace kan? y choose to fight.. and kalo dia degil? they wan to claim jugak what ever happen?

choose this 2 option

Being Killed?

yea i support kenyataan kat ats.. kita ada procedure.. mcm kes komunis dlu.. kita jmpe chin peng.. table talk..

choose wisely malaysian!