Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good sense seems to prevail now among Malaysians as the hardliner Chinese educationists association Dong Jiao Zong has extended a ‘friendship hand’ to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to its Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow (17 Feb).
It is considered a historical move because the movement has never invited the country’s PM to its CNY celebration in its 50-year of existence and this first is considered significant in many ways.
Najib, since he took over the premiership in 2009 has open up so much with his transformation policies that the movement, in one way or another probably sees a leader who can ‘connect and understand’ its objectives.
Whatever the movement thinks at present, the invitation marks a softening of the hardline stand the movement has all along put up and a ‘recognition’ of sort to Najib’s leadership.
Najib had also done a lot during his time as Education Minister those days and when he took over as Prime Minister, he began taking down the fences by giving recognition to Chinese education, schools and institutions, of course done after thorough anaylsis of the whole subject matter.
Najib has so far been sincere in every moves and he has fulfilled every words he made and trying his best to fulfill all other promises made by the previous administration and he is not shy to admit such.
Dong Zong’s invitation to Najib and the openness the movement now shows reflects its intention to listen and speak out for the best interest of the Chinese education and the government.
And Najib, by accepting the invitation reflects his readiness to listen and be part of the participant to try bridge the gap that has been existing the past 50 years.
Najib’s simple and non-assuming character will be reflected tomorrow when he attends the event, without much ado – no speeches and no press conferences – just be present to celebrate the event.
After all, it is an event for celebration to renew and strengthen friendship and relationship as Malaysians, as a leader who is sensitive to the needs of all Malaysians.
And of course, the oppositions, headed by non-other the chameleon Anwar Ibrahim will also attend, a decision made after knowing that Najib would be present.
Anwar, who was dead set against Chinese education when he was Education Minister, has changed his tune as he chases his dream to be the Prime Minister.
He now treats Chinese and Chinese education as equal to what he championed before – Malay language and education as well as Malay supremacy.
And tomorrow, he will sing the tune of the audience and dance to the tune the audience wants, typical of Anwar’s character who will promise the stars and the moon.
And of course, the DAP may even plant people like the party did in Penang last weekend just to shame Najib, an act of desperation as the party tries every ‘dirty’ trick to discourage the Chinese from supporting Najib and BN.
However, on the final analysis, the invitation which is the first ever extended and the acceptance by Najib have ‘broken the ice’ and the oppositions are now thrown off balance.

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