Thursday, February 14, 2013


Now the opposition plays up the shouts of “NO” that echoed during Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to Penang recently, the shouts by just one corner of some 80,000 audiences.
Planted to boo Najib at the right time, the oppositions are now shouting that Penangites rejected Najib, the same old psychological tactics they play with Bersih and other NGOs shouting ‘foul’ on all matters and issues.
To the oppositions, a hundred voice planted can be played up into the minds of millions and lies will be perceived as truths, the same strategy they have been using since 2008 general election.
However, they miscalculated this time because the planted group was located among the 80,000 audience that came for the CNY bash that Najib attended where Korean Psy performed his famous Gangnam dance.
So, playing up the purported ‘BIG NO’ just do not go down well with the remaining 80,000-odd audience as they knew the group that shouted ‘NO’ was staged and planted.
At the same time, DAP which is chauvinistic and racist had also, the similar tactics used, got a young man to show obscene finger sing to the Queen, with of course, the excuse that the man was showing that sign to his father who dropped him off at the airport following an argument.
Believe it or not, the oppositions are under tremendous pressure to stay afloat as voters keep distancing themselves from the three parties which are now ‘fighting each other’ for votes.
DAP, PAS and PKR do not look happy – honeymoon is over – as people said and each party is now struggling to find whatever ‘edge’ to influence the voters who have seen their true colours the past four years.
Arrogance, the attitude or character that always emerge when one is successful and forgets one’s roots, is now hanging on the heads of all the leaders of the opposition parties as they scramble with each other to make their individual party stands out better than the others.
They do not have the spirit of camaraderie…as each wants to call the shots and do not want to play second fiddle to each other.
DAP is strengthening its influence among Chinese Christians as they move along the racial and religious lines to retain Penang, a state the party would not want to lose as it is the party’s symbol of success, just like the man who showed the obscene sign to the Queen said: “Penang Cina punya.”
But given the pressure they are in and the political approaches the party had made so far in the state, the situation is ‘touch-n-go’, it can swing either way which means that DAP under Lim Guan Eng has screwed up to strengthen ‘its hold’ on the state.
It has antagonized PAS with the word ALLAH issue, anatagonised the Malays with its central committee party election and how antagonized Penangites planting the booing group during CNY do with Prime Minister and having the man to stage a lone protests to see the reactions of Malaysians, particularly the Penang Chinese.

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Anonymous said...

How can DAP stoop so low? No manners whatsoever. Geez.. we want these kind of people to manage the country? Malaysia will crumble!

Don't they know that Malays paling tak tahan orang kurang ajar? A few Chinese planted at strategic places to jeer and mock Malays are probably enough to get 1969 revisited.. Don't forget amok comes from a Malay word "amuk".

Is chaos the aim of PR?