Wednesday, February 6, 2013


PAS and PKR are going on a head-on collision as their ‘marriage of convenience’ sours following differences of philosophies and opinions on many issues that involved fundamentals and policies.
Leaders of both parties are suspicious of each other and the distrusts between them dated back long time ago when PAS leaders Abdul Hadi Awang and his gang who are veteran fundamentalists who know Anwar’s political game and to what extent he is willing to go to achieve his ambition.
Thus, when issues that relate to religious laws and policies, PAS leaders would merely hear Anwar’s comments but never listen because they know Anwar is a man of ‘no backbone’…no principle and can go either way of the fence so long as he gets what he wanted.
Veteran fundamentalists in PAS know the recent ‘revealing dress in the CNY performance’ in Alor Setar, Kedah, was a show of protest against PAS dress-code for performers which is an issue both the parties have been on each other’s throats.
Given the blatant act that PKR did which of course Anwar conveniently said he had no knowledge of that and he would take action after getting to the bottom of things, one wonders whether PAS leaders are stupid enough to believe him.
PAS leaders especially Hadi knows Anwar personally and knows his character when Anwar was still studying to get his Malay literature degree and getting acquainted with politics.
The reality is PAS leaders, of course with the exception of Nik Aziz Nik Mat, could not care less about the pact anymore judging from the actions of all the three parties since last year.
PAS has been acting on its own imposing Islamic fundamentals in states they controlled without even giving notices to its partners or considering the sensitivities of other races in its partners’ parties.
PAS, as it seems now, is ‘play acting’ as the party leaders are divided between those aligned to Anwar and the fundamentalists, who are trying to keep the party out of ‘Anwar’s reach’.
Given Anwar’s fast declining support and erosion of influence, PAS does not want to be dragged down thus it continue with its fundamentalist approach which not only angers Anwar but more so the DAP.

With distrusts and differences on practically every issues and DAP’s Lim Guan Eng ‘further inciting religious and racial approach’, PAS seems like it no longer needs such partners.
After all, the internal problem it is facing now is cause by outside influence rather than the real internal party troubles.

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