Monday, February 11, 2013

Psy leaves Penangites wanting more

Dressed in white top and black pants, and with trademark sunglasses in place, K-pop sensation Psy thrilled an enthusiastic crowd at the Barisan Nasional Chinese New Year open house here Monday with two renditions of his mega hit song Gangnam Style.
A chorus of wild screams accompanied Psy and his group of more than 10 dancers, who worked the crowd up to a frenzy at the Han Chiang School field, where the event was held.
After the first rendition, the crowd, not having had enough of the South Korean star, chanted for an encore.
"I flew 20 hours to get here.
"I won't just leave after four minutes, so just for new year and Asia, I will sing it again," Psy said, before launching into his song-and-dance monster hit routine for the second time.
He left the stage at 12.30pm, leaving behind a sweaty but happy crowd of people.
Student Lau Han Keat, 14, who was among the many performers at the event, was awestruck watching his idol perform live.
"To sing and dance live in the hot sun like this is not easy. I was just so excited," he said.
Tony Tan, 61, who was there with his wife, described the open house as spectacular.
"We live in Batu Ferringhi but decided to brave the traffic.
"It's not every day that you get to see the Prime Minister and a music superstar," he said, adding that the atmosphere was very "lau juak" (happening).

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