Thursday, February 14, 2013


Many videos have been put up on You Tube on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to Penang especially the reply ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ to Najib’s question whether the people of Penang is with BN or not.
Edited videos, re-edited videos, original recordings and whatever have been posted to compete in the fight to reveal the supposed truth, aimed at knocking into the minds and hearts of the voters their version of the episode.
THE REALITY is Najib took everything that happened in his stride as a STATESMAN, not as a ‘vindictive politician such as Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng’ who are arrogant and ‘dictatorial’ just to achieve their personal ambition of being a head of state or a Prime Minister.
Najib, as a Prime Minister for all Malaysians regardless of race and religion, is a not even concern about the response because he is not a politician who wants popularity, who wants people to like him all along, who want absolute loyalty and so on.
Whether the response is a big ‘YES’ and a small ‘NO’, Najib is actually ready for anything when he went to Penang.
His intention is not to be popular but to see by himself the situation in the state, to view by himself why BN lost and what are the chances of getting back the state.
Going straight into the ‘enemy’s lair’ is not a child’s play and Najib did just that and he did not expect a rousing welcome where every stop people will drop everything they do and greet him like a King.
Najib expected the normal greetings – he is a politician and he knows what to expect – he knows the planting of people to jeer him or the acts of trying to demean and demonise him and all kind of stuffs that would run him down or bring down his image.
Najib knows all these will happen in Penang, because it is held by DAP, a chauvinistic party that wants to see Malay supremacy replaced and the Malay race become ‘second citizens’ or ‘beggars’.
Najib just wants to see by himself what Penangites want and how they perceive him – the real response rather than basing on reports from various agencies and channels.
He just wants to know and he does not care about the reaction because he wants to know the truth, the real truth on the ground, he wants to feel the heartbeat of Penangites by himself.
That was why he went on a real walkabout, ate nasi kandar in the night without any fear for his and his family’s safety because he wanted to know the true situation.
And the REALITY is Najib now knows the truth and the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ is nothing to him because he now knows the truth.
And of course, the truth is there was a truly BIG ‘YES’ for him to take back Penang, as evident which right now frightens the opposition pact, real scare and not make-believe.

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Anonymous said...

Brand Najib is actually gaining momentum among majority of Malaysians, with exception to the fanatic chauvinist racist and biaDAP chinaman..The biaDAP know majority of Malays and Indians vote have already shift back towards BN and this all thank to the endless efforts made by DS Najib from day one he take the oath as the PM..While DS Najib continuously shows his sincerity towards moving Malaysia to be a better nation, the Pakatan Rapuh useless leaders are busy bulls**ting the rakyat