Wednesday, February 20, 2013


FEAR struck the oppositions when Najib Tun Razak screened Tanda Putra to Felda settlers a few days ago – a movie about the sacrifices of two great Malaysian leaders in facing challenges while same time building the nation, uniting the multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia.

Along the way, the May 13 riots came and how both leaders handle the touchy situation while struggling to annihilate the communists insurgents which ended only in 1986.

The movie is just like any other movie of same genre – such as Gandhi – should not have been made an issue as it is just a movie depicting the enigmatic leadership quelling racial uprising on the agitation by communists insurgents and how they put the country back on track.

There is nothing sinister about the movie and nothing that can create a Malay uprising or racial clash or anything of that sort.

Hong Kong have produced so many patriotic movies ridiculing and running down Japanese and other races and the movies were screened here without anybody making any noise.

So whats wrong with Najib screening Tanda Putra to Felda settlers? After all, the movie can enhance the settlers knowledge on history of the country and feel the hardship of the country’s leaders in trying to make Malaysia a developed and peaceful country.

Bersih’s grumblings and noises on the movie has no ground and baseless and of course, Bersih is actually voicing out the minds of the oppositions for the fear that the movie would influence the minds and hearts of Malays to vote for Umno.

FEAR is normal and oppositions have to face the challenges just as Umno and BN are experiencing right now.

But when Bersih protested against the screening of Tanda Putra, this truly reflects the FEAR that now envelops the opposition pact as when the Malays unite, especially the rural Malays who are the backbone of Umno, then the opposition pact can ‘kiss goodbye’ to their dream of Putrajaya.

The Malays are actually running away from them – DAP being chauvinistic Chinese, PKR having jokers and ridiculed by DAP while PAS is steering away from the basic struggle of strengthening Islam.

The Malays see Anwar Ibrahim and PAS leaders such as Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi Awang being controlled indirectly by DAP leaders and how these Malay and Islamic leaders being run-down and belittled.

Tanda Putra the movie is just a reminder, just like the movie Gandhi, on how the population should value and appreciate what they have right now from the sacrifices of former leaders.

What the opposition FEAR is that the movie could hit the Malays hearts and minds and made them think deeper on which party to vote come election.

This FEAR seeps into the minds and hearts of opposition leaders which now make them very jittery of whatever moves Umno and BN make, a real FEAR of losing everything they have been fighting for all this while – power and the opportunity to dictate – not divide and rule and dictate.

Losing influence, especially at this present moment is a very dangerous thing but the opposition pact leaders know this is happening and with Tanda Putra movie being screened to selected targets, their FEAR becomes real…very real.


Anonymous said...

Ask them to make their own version

Chew pek said...

'tis a comical attitude to have any feelings of fear towards any movie. And this people want to be an alternative to the current gomen. Sad.