Saturday, February 9, 2013


The opposition parties are now using carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan to attract votes given the bad position they are in with internal frictions and silent enmity and distrusts among the leaders and members.
Deepak, on the other hand seems to be ever willing as he is looking for a ‘saviour’ that can pull him out of the financial rut he is in at present.
As far as he is concern, he will grab whatever he can to stay afloat and put himself in a position where he can call the shot, make himself needed and wanted by those in need.
And he is lucky as with the present political scenario, the opposition parties particularly Anwar Ibrahim are in need of anything that can help them further tarnish and run down the image and credibility of ruling BN especially Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.
Under pressure and facing erosion in influence and support, the oppositions are now targeting leaders in BN, attempting to relive the 2008 political thinking of the masses…which resulted in a political tsunami.
However, as time passes by, the thinking masses who are voters see the reality  of the ‘game of deception’ and ‘politics of perception’ played by oppositions and Anwar personally.
Uneasy and the ‘make-believed game’ are exposed as the masses see the oppositions’ bluff as in a poker game, they now use individuals who are friends or former friends of BN leaders to strengthen or pump into the minds of the masses their ‘make-believed’ issues.
Thus, Deepak and even issue of Sabah CM distance cousin in the Philippines are being sought to ‘nail down’ BN leaders, an attempt to deviate the masses’ focus from their weaknesses and lies and cheats.
Nothing they revealed or exposed were true after further checks and investigations and this worry them as influence erode as fast as the revelations of their bluffs.
Given the situation they are in, it is no wonder they will not leave anything untouched as they do not want to lose the states they have won and the odds, as it is right now, are against them.
In Selangor, voters in every group, just name it, are suing the state government for promises unfulfilled while in Penang the divide between Malays and Chinese are clearly visible and added to that is the divide in religion.
In Kedah, the PAS government is antagonizing its partners by imposing fundamentalists laws, aimed at strengthening its support among the fundamental Muslims knowing very well that DAP and Chinese voters will not give a single vote to the party.
The opposition pact is actually breaking up despite the leaders’ statements they are united and working together well.
And this break up has cause the parties, especially Anwar and PKR to seek individuals like Deepak to help them.

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