Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sodomy II: Pakatan MPs join Aussie counterparts, want charge dropped

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat MPs will be submitting a memorandum to the Government calling for the sodomy charge against their leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be dropped.
DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said Pakatan MPs were united with their Australian counterparts.
“The memorandum will ... call for the Prime Minister, Government and the Attorney-General to drop the charge against Anwar,” he told reporters at the Jalan Duta Court Complex Thursday.
Lim also called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to convene an emergency Parliamentary meeting on the sodomy charge as the matter involved the country’s reputation.
“We need to be clear on Parliament’s position on the matter. The charge needs to be dropped,” said the Ipoh Timur MP.
PAS vice-president and Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar claimed the case was an “evil conspiracy,” hence the need for the memorandum.
Batu MP and PKR strategic director Tian Chua said MPs had a universal responsibility in the democractic system to defend justice and human rights.
DAP chairman Karpal Singh said the memorandum would most likely be sent to the Attorney-General.
“The AG should drop the case. In my mind, the charge is groundless. The medical evidence is clear. Three doctors from the KL Hospital have reported that there is no conclusive findings of penetration,” he said.
About 50 Australian MPs from both sides of the political divide had recently lodged a formal protest urging Malaysia to drop the sodomy charge in the interest of building “confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia.”
The chairman of the Australian Parliament’s foreign affairs sub-committee, Michael Danby, had delivered the letter to the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra last Friday.
On Wednesday, about 500 people protested outside the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur against alleged interference by the Australian MPs.
Leading the protest was Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, his deputy Datuk Razali Ibrahim, Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club deputy chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin, Perkasa president and Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Makkal Sakhthi’s R. Thanenthiran and MIC Youth chief T. Mohan.

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tunku : these irresponsible MPs are asking foreign government to poke their nose in our own matters.shame on you pakatan people have no guts to fight the case in the court as you know the sodomizer is guilty as charged.if the charge is groundless, then put your case in the court, why call other country to pressure the government? for mahfuz, go and ask taib azamudin,sabu and hadi awang about anwar's activities.they know it all.even karpal has said "anwar perlu bertaubat".the matter is with the court, so let the court decides, we don't need kangaroos to tell us what to do.all i can say is that pakatan is so desperate that if they have to sell their mothers, they will do so.this is a case brought up by saiful and he wants let the court do its part.if anwar really innocent, he'll be freed.why worry? only guilty person worries.


eddy said...

Pakatan MPs are traitors the whole lot of them if they are in support of Australia's interference in Malaysia's sovereign affairs. Strip them all of their citizenship and ship all of them to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Haiya anwar

Go thru the proceedings and PROVE you innocence, since you refused to swear on the Quran.

Then you can really claim 916 in year 2010, or 2011, or 2012 or, or, or, heh heh

We dare you to LAWAN TETAP LAWAN. Apa nak takut jika benar???

Hadi said...

Tunku..I could'nt agree more with your comment. Those PR moron will stay morons forever.

Burung Merbok said...

1. In my mind this memorandum is a blatant abuse of our Judiciary system. Coming from law-makers, it makes no sense when you talk of democracy and human rights ; yet deny the same for the victim.

2. Since this case has gone to the courts, wouldn't this Memorandum be described as an act tantamount to Contempt of Court ?

3. I would like to think that this course of action is not so much of wanting to drop the sodomy charges but more towards garnering foreign support to discredit the present lawful government !

4. The opposition has cleverly taken advantage of this court case and of the unlawful intrusion by 50 odd lawmakers from down under, to further their own ends i.e. to show to the world that Malaysia under the current regime is corrupt and untrustworthy.

5. This act is surely a disgrace to the members of the august house, where in one instant you cry for justice for one BUT deny the same for another ! I would go further to describe them as mere hypocrites ! Why the special treatment for the guy ? Or what's so special about him ? He's just another guy (or gay)who has committed a crime under the country's laws and therefore need to be tried in a court of law. And if found guilty, he deserves the punishment as prescribed. If otherwise he goes scot free. So why the fuss ?

6. Leave this matter to the wise judgement of the courts. Or is it now another tantrum to deride the very court that you would speak highly of when judgements are in your favour AND condemn as a kangaroo court when you can't accept the verdict handed down ?

7. With Parliamentarians like this, who needs dissidents ?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Burung Merbok, I couldn't have said it better.
What Anwar intends to do is to ensure that should he go down, he's going to bring the whole country(more precisely Najib) down with him, too.

I wish he'd seek political asylum while he's out roaming the world and leave this country for good as he's such an embarrassment and a liability to the country.

Juhari said...

Oh what a hypocrite Mahfuz Omar? He was one of those who proposed that action be taken against Anwar for his involvement in immorality act in 1998.

And Mat Sabu was the one who introduced the term ANWAR ALJUBURI.

And Taib Azamuddin then the Imam Besar of Masjid Negara interviewed the victim of Anwar Ibrahim.

Everything changed because of politics. Hypocrisy at the highest level.